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Unveiling the Flexi Collar concept of , with that added touch of comfort and style.
I am 74 years old & have a SUPER strong Pit Bull . I live on 5 acres . Some one must have instruction in HOW to use a flexi leash & have had a lot of experience with dogs , to use it safely . You must have a back up collar in case it disconnects from collar . You never grab the leash . You never let it wrap around the dog , an object or a person . You NEVER let a dog run on a flexi . He walks to the end of the leash and then can explore .You always keep any leash with NO SLACK .Slack in ANY LEASH , is an invitation for an accident if the dog bolts !!!!!!!!! You can make this leash as short as you want and keep the break on . You can walk in crowds with leash locked at 2 feet . This leash can come in handy at certain times but should never be used by any one who has not received training by a professional trainer . Stores that sell these should warn buyers & vets should also warn their customers .
Stand behind your dog with the Flexi safety collar in your hand and the leash in a pocket.
 Most of us are familiar with Flexi leashes. These retractable leads are housed in plastic casing that lengthens when your walks away from you. They are available for of multiple sizes and come in a variety of models and colors. Brass 9.5mm wide 18 gauge Flat Flexi Neck Collar Choker with Rounded Edges, 4.5in Wide IDBrass 9.5mm wide 18 gauge Flat Flexi Neck Collar Choker with Rounded Edges, 4.5in Wide IDChain collar necklace delivers a luxe appeal with flexible construction, finished with cone details at the ends.
The Flexi Glam Collection Wings design, retractable leash is shown in a Pearlized case with hand set Swarovski Crystals from Germany, the retractable originator.Leashes and Head Collars 146247: Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Cord), 26 Ft, Medium, Blue Free Shippin -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $40.78 on eBay!How hard do you pull? About as hard as you’d push on a baby carriage to get and keep it moving. (Sometimes that takes just one finger and sometimes it takes both hands, pushing hard, such as when going up a hill). You want to pull just hard enough to get the dog to move. As soon as he starts to walk towards you, that is, he takes 2-3 steps in response to the pulling pressure of the Flexi, release the button on the Ecollar. DO NOT stim him all the way in to you! The stim should only be on for about one second and one-half, at most.I strongly recommend that you use a Flexi (a retractable leash) to teach this. Some will try and save a few bucks and will use a long line, but I find, especially for beginners at this kind of work, it tends to get tangled up in the dog’s feet and legs, and it interferes with the training immensely. In order to give the next leash pull, you have to stop working, go to the dog, and untangle him. Moving towards him will focus his attention on you and distract him from what's going on with this training. When you touch him, ALL of his attention will be focused on you. When you back away from him you have to carefully pay out the line, neither pulling on it, which may get him to walk towards you, nor letting it build up slack on the ground, which he may step over, tangling himself all over again. With puppies or dogs that are easily distracted, this can prolong the training for days, even weeks. This is the dog's first Ecollar experience. You want it to be as easy for him as possible.You might need to enlist the aid of an assistant. Have them hold onto the leash and dog, as you move away from both of them. When you get to the end of the Flexi, you can do another stim and pull. Have your assistant release the dog as you pull him from their grasp. If you can't find an assistant, you can use a light rope and a pulley attached to an fixed object, such as a fence or a tree. Run the rope from the dog's collar, through the pulley and pull it snug so the dog is held near the fixed object. As you move away, pay out the line. When you get to the end of the Flexi, drop the line, and give another stim and pull.I recommend that you hold the Flexi in your right hand and the Ecollar transmitter in your left. This allows you to guide the dog into the heel position. Keep in mind that you’re not teaching the heel at this point, you’re teaching the recall. But if you gently guide the dog to your left side (towards the latter phases of the training) as he comes in - it’s easier to make the transition to the heel.