10 – 10:30 a.m. | Booth 621 (Flying Cage)

Taming a quetzal with a flying cage.Note: You must have a quetzal to start with.
12:30 1 p.m. | Booth 621 (Flying Cage)
The Fly Cage was designed to capture and eliminate many biting flies including:
The Flying Cages were my favorite amusement park ride. I noticed many years ago that they no longer could be found and suspected insurance problems may have been the reason, even though I never had difficulties riding them (other than a callous getting ripped off my hand!). I’d love to see if I could ride them still, but at 60 I fear I’m too out-of-shape and it could be a disaster…though it’s tempting! I’m in Michigan, so if anyone knows of any Flying Cages nearby, still in operation, I’d love to hear about it, if only to go and watch at this point. Stampede Flying Cage | OPEN TO ALL10:30 – 11 a.m. | Booth 621 (Flying Cage)Stampede Flying Cage | OPEN TO ALL
In the 1960s, the Flying Cages gave riders a real work out... you used your weight to rock the cage to make it move. If you were big and strong enough you could flip the cage over the top... looks like a very bumpy ride!The Fly Cage Horse Fly Trap is specifically designed for Horse flies, Deer flies, Yellow flies, and Green heads. This Horse Fly trap will not work for Mosquito, common house or Stable flies.I've been using the flying cage so here and there, for now I only could make it work properly to prevent the level from going up (Vertical at will) and changed the level to an automatic level so that the cage scrolls with the screen. Of course I placed Mario inside the cage.The Fly Cage Horse Fly Trap will attract flies that are within sight of the trap itself. Our rule of thumb is that one Fly Cage will cover 1/2 acre. For Larger properties we recommend multiple Fly Cage’s for optimum effect.The Fly Cage Horse Fly Trap utilizes visual motion to attract the flies by suspending the black lure below the cage. Biting flies go straight to the target flying upward into the cage and once caught, dehydrate.The Fly Cage was designed to be easy to set-up, in most cases less than two minutes, and immediately attract, catch and kill Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Yellow Flies and Green Heads. The Fly Cage does not use any chemicals and is safe for any environment.The Fly Cage Horse Fly Trap should be placed in open areas where the flies can see the target from all directions. If used around livestock, then place the Fly Cage near the pasture or barn.Durable deAO® X7 2.4GHZ 6 Axis RC Quadcopter with flying cage.

Designed to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings without interrupting flight.

Protective cage for extra safety.

6 Channel Control with high-tech hovering power.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor 25 metre, outdoor 50 metre.The Fly Cage was specifically designed to attract, catch and kill many types of biting flies. The Fly Cage can be set up in under 2 minutes from the time the box is open as it was designed to be shipped fully assembled for ease of use.The beach is a place to go and relax, unless there are biting flies. If so, then it is a place to avoid. So how do you improve the beach experience in biting fly habitat? You use their own habits to destroy them. Read more about how to do just that in this blog by the Fly Cage.