55 gallon food storage drums Looking for - want to buy.

Please note reconditioned drums are not FDA approved for food or pharmaceutical storage.
While the blue poly drums are FDA-approved for food storage, the US food industry is highly regulated. Once the slurpable goods are extracted from the poly drums, the barrels themselves enter the waste stream – they cannot be re-used for food transport.
My plan was to store the drums on shelves, on their sides. The packages of sealed foods then were to go inside.
Our customers use our storage drums in hundreds of ways, from water collection and storing fishing bait to hydroponics, aquaponics and much more. Our low-priced rain barrels are highly recommended for use in eco-friendly water collection, helping you save money and the environment. All of our used drums are food grade, and have previously only been used once to store industrial food products. If rinsed out thouroughly they can be used for potable water storage, the food grade drums are expensive.Macey’s is having a big food storage sale including water drums, buckets, etc. Thought you might want to know.Notice: Under no conditions should these drums be used for the production of and/or storage of food products for human consumption.
NOTE: The easiest way to store the bulk of your water storage is in 55 gallon polyethylene (plastic) water storage drums (FDA approved for storing drinking water). You simply fill the drums up with your own tap water. The drums offered by 21st Century Food Storage are the best industry has to offer, and are designed to have weight stacked on them when filled with water, this allows you to stack your food on top of them and save space while keeping your food storage and water storage together. We recommend two 55 gallon drums of water storage per person, this along with collecting "rain" water should be suitable. Before filling a drum with water, make sure the NPT plug (fine thread; non-white cap) is not positioned next to a wall etc. It should be on the top front side of the drum for easy access, because this is the bung hole that the drum pumps thread into.Sun West, founded in 1990, offers a wide variety of containers, drums, containment products, environmental and drum handling equipment to meet your transportation, disposal and packaging needs. We partner with a broad spectrum of industries, including petroleum, chemical, paint and adhesives, environmental remediation, food service, utilities and agricultural industries. We have a product or products to fit virtually every containment or storage need.Container Exchanger aims to improve the ease and efficiency with which companies can exchange large quantities of barrels and drums. For example, used food grade barrels that previously held materials are perfect options for storing many other materials. Our marketplace offers both used and reconditioned drums for sale, which saves you money. With supplies located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, we’ll help save money on freight too. Our list of available fiber, plastic, and metal barrels for sale can be found below. Inquire on one of the item pages and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you.Tilapia, IBC, IBC tote, IBC totes, grey water, garden, self watering, tank, fish, 275 gallon, rain tote, aquaponics, gutter, gutters, greenhouse, green house, green houses, DIY, hydroponics, 275gallon, 275gal, 55gal, 55gallon, 55gal barrels, 55 gal barrels, water, detailing, wmo, wvo, waste oil, fish, rabbits, rabbit, horse, horses, cow, cows, trauf, watering, fertilization, fertilizer, miracle grow, miracle-grow, miraclegrow, self watering container, self watering containers, dogs, kennels, self containing, self contained, self contain, septic tank, septic, cage, caged, free range, organic, black diesel,recycle, recycled, honey, sugar, hot sauce, cheap, tank, tanks, 55, gallon, gal, rain, barrel, drum, storage, shipping, compost, grill, dock, 275 gal, tote, fuel storage, garden, plants, watering, eco friendly, green, earth, food grade, recycling, dog house, wildlife, feeder, trough, eco system, burn, burning, leaves, waste,metal barrel, plastic, fiber, container, tank, bio deisel,cooking oil, aquatics, ponds, septic, risers, chambers, disposal, koi, pond, worms, worm beds, worm bed, garden soil, liquid storage, tool box, preppers, prep, prepping, zombie, zombies, storage, ammo cans, fuel, fuel cans, gas,gasoline, fuel storage, ammunition, survival, camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor, free, outdoors, homestead, homesteading, planters, planting, veggies, vegetable, vegetables, farmer, farmers, farmers market, eggs, feed, cammo, camo, camouflage, camouflaged, water tank, water storage tank, water storage container, Shipping Barrel, Shipping Drum, Shipping Drums, Shipping Barrels, Plastic, corn, grain, grains, chicken, chickens, chicks, hatching, hatched, incubator, cage, cages, meat, BIO FUEL, BIO DIESEL