Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart

 Provides descriptions and treatment options for common freshwater fish diseases.
Whether you’re thinking of adding a fish to an existing freshwater aquarium, or planning for a new freshwater aquarium, there are plenty of aquatic life options to choose from: colorful rainbow fish, gentle swordtails, koi, African dwarf frogs, guppies, eels, barbs, sharks and so many more!
Tips and hints aimed at helping out the newbie to freshwater fish keeping.
Marine fisheries tend to be commercial operations, while freshwater fishing is almost exclusively a means of subsistence. “Most freshwater fish catches don’t enter the global trade economy, so they draw less interest,” says University of Wisconsin–Madison zoologist Peter McIntyre. Alabama's rivers, lakes, ponds and streams provide abundant opportunities for freshwater fishing.The 1975 legislature designated the Florida largemouth bass as the official state freshwater fish.→  →  →  →  → Freshwater Fish Safe Eating Guidelines
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide would lack their prime source of protein without freshwater fish. Yet the lakes and river systems that supply them are often overlooked by policymakers, who focus sustainability efforts instead on ocean species.Nowhere are these challenges more potentially damaging than within Southeast Asia’s multicountry Mekong River system—the world’s biggest freshwater fishery. There, says McIntyre, many people rely on catfish and other river species as a critical source of dietary protein that could not easily be replaced.McIntyre recently conducted a global analysis of riverine fisheries—and the threats they face—and determined there is an urgent need to safeguard these regions. He and his team found that 90 percent of the global freshwater catch comes from ecosystems that are stressed by “above average” pollution, dambuilding, and invasive species.
Gives information on how to increase your chances of success in keeping tropical fish when you have a small bowl or aquarium. This article was mainly written for freshwater fish hobbyists.Welcome to the freshwater aquarium fish guide where you can learn how to set up, keep, and maintain freshwater aquarium fish. Go at your own pace and if you have questions don't hesitate to visit the forum to ask a question. There are always lots of friendly members online to help out with your questions.Freshwater aquarium fish care information and pictures ordered by freshwater fish species. Click on the picture of the freshwater fish species in the list below for detailed profiles along with comments and tips from fellow freshwater hobbyists.
A description of the important cycle that must take place in any freshwater tropical fish aquarium. If you have a freshwater fish tank that is recently setup and your fish are dropping like flies, please read this article.
Discusses various methods on introducing new fish to your tank. This article explains a few different methods for acclimating freshwater fish to your aquarium.