Product - Pet Guard Yeast and Garlic Powder For Cats and Dogs, 12 oz.

Pet Guard - Yeast & Garlic Powder For Cats & Dogs - 12 oz. - Peacefrog
Also- what about using odorless garlic powder in wet cat food? I'm an avid garlic powder user myself which helps prevent mosquito bites (it may also explain why the cat's fleas have not bitten me). But I've read conflicting accounts on using garlic powder for cats. Does anybody have any experience with this? Is garlic poison to cats? It seems that everything is poisonous to cats!
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One dog developed life-threatening immune-mediated anemia twice just from eating a slice of pizza with added garlic powder. Some cats can have a reaction to small amounts of baby food flavored with garlic. Garlic Toxicity and Pets - Pet Health Zone - Nationwide Pet InsuranceIs Garlic Safe for Cats and DogsGarlic Treatments and Doses for Dogs and Cats - Pet Remedy Charts