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Another optional feature of most of the tanks is the tempered glass, and is available when purchasing tanks such as the 1.5-Gallon 3-way Betta Tank Kit and the 75-Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium. While many customers have commented on the strength and durability which this brings, other customers aren’t too impressed, so this one really is a matter of opinion. Glass Aquarium,Aquariums,Fun StuffAll-Glass Silicone Aquarium SealantAll Glass Aquarium AAG21230 Fluorescent Deluxe Hood 30-Inch
Hamel is what you call a cross-over success story both in the business sector with Looking Glass Aquariums (LGA), a company he started back in 2004 and the music industry with Sunkissed Records, the most successful progressive house label of it's time which Hamel owned and operated from 1997 to 2004. In addition to owning and operating LGA, Hamel is a highly sought after music producer with a respectfully earned 2003 Grammy nomination for a remix of Seal's “Get It Together." To date, Hamel has achieved a whopping eighteen #1 remixes and another seventeen top 10 placements on the Billboard dance chart, remixing legendary acts such as U2, Madonna, Seal, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, New Order, Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani & Pharell and Rihanna. For Hamel, Looking Glass Aquariums is every bit the labor of love as that of his music career. With a solid position in the music industry after his grammy nomination he was able to take his fascination and love of the ocean to start his own business Looking Glass Aquariums. In good leadership form, Hamel credits effective time-management along with a talented and knowledgeable team as key factors in balancing a steady production schedule and growing aquarium business. Looking Glass Aquariums is much more than your average fish store. We’re personal friends of your fish and caretakers of your tank. Plus, we deliver services, fish and supplies to your location. Undoubtedly, we set the standard of quality, customer service and savings in exotic fish and reef aquariums in Orlando.*All-Glass-Aquarium was bought by Aqueon. The AGA name brand is still used on a number of products.
**Top Fin is Petsmart's brand. Top Fin appears to be manufactured by United Pet Group.Dating back to when he was a child with trips to Sea World, coastal beaches, SCUBA diving expeditions and marine biology classes in college, Hamel has been continually expanding his understanding of sea life and the environments where they thrive. As a hobbiest, Hamel found it frustrating that he was willing to spend hard earned money on a living eco system but had to walk in to a local fish store and hope that the kid behind the counter pointed him in the right direction or even had the products he was being recommended. Setting up an aquarium is a process and can be a life long hobby. Hamel believes that the people you buy your products from should be there from start to finish and beyond, at any capacity; this has been a founding principal of his and paramount in building Looking Glass Aquariums into the company it is today. In fact, Hamel impresses upon his clients that he and his staff are there for them 24/7 to answer any questions they have or address situations that arise. Nothing pleases Hamel more than to leave a client w/ a smile on their face and to have the overall health and stability of their aquariums in perfect harmony. Fluval’s Lifestyle Series has perfectly merged design and technology in a stunning array of all glass aquariums that are perfectly suited for any home or office.