Top 15 Best Dog GPS Collars and GPS Trackers for Dogs in 2017

Garmin introduced the first-ever GPS tracking collar for sporting dogs in 2007
One well-known brand of GPS technology that always proves reliable is Garmin. Often referred to as “the industry standard”, Garmin has shown to be capable of many GPS systems, from watches to tracking collars. The Garmin Alpha GPS Training and Tracking Collar Combo has received top ratings for pet tracking devices, especially for hunting dogs due to its training capabilities. This collar allows you to view where your pets are located, and what they are doing. As a preventative measure, the “geo-fencing” feature alerts you if your pet is about to cross customized boundaries. The handheld allows you to see your pet’s speed, distance, and direction, and the location is updated as often as every 2.5 seconds. Plus, you can view a trail of previous locations on the map page. This collar allows security for any pet owner who wants to be able to let their pets roam worry-free.
Small Wireless Tracking System PeTrack GPS Tracking Collars for Dogs
D.E. Systems Border Patrol is a GPS Tracking, Remote Training, and Mobile Containment Fence all in one. The Border Patrol TC1 (DE TC1) may come with a hefty price tag but it is worth more than its monetary value. This product is a 3-in-1 system that accomplishes pet containment, dog tracking, and remote dog training. It can track up to five dogs and covers almost a mile when used as a wireless pet containment fence. Its training range is up to 2 miles and offers 50 levels of stimulation for pet containment and 50 levels of intensity for correction during remote training. Just like other GPS tracking systems that are expandable, all you need to do is purchase additional collars to use the system with up to 5 dogs. The waterproof collars are durable and can fit medium to large dogs. The Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar for Dogs - PetsWeeklyGPS for Dogs|Tracking collars - ToyBreedsTEK 1.0 Multi-Dog GPS Only Collars. SportDOG TEK L GPS tracking collars for up to 12 dogs with one system!
Dog GPS Tracking Collars
Many years ago, the only way you could keep a dog from running away was with ropes and chains. In recent years with modern technology, there are many more practical solutions that give both dogs and their owners much more freedom and security. GPS tracking devices are now extremely affordable and often a fraction of what most people will offer as a cash reward when they lose their pet.Short range RF systems are a much more realistic option for smaller dogs and cats due to their low power requirements. These tracking collars only need a small battery for operation. The lighter weight allows small pets to carry them easily, but it also makes the area of operation much more limited (only a few hundred feet) than that of a long range or GPS collar. Luckily, most small breed dogs’ and cats’ range is usually within this limitation.ONE DOG -- A one dog Garmin Astro GPS system is $599 and additional Dog GPS units are $199 each (free shipping applies). While the GPS is slightly more expensive than a 1-dog bird dog tracking collar (around $499 depending on model), these tracking collars are not easily expanded when you need to track more dogs. You have to send your tracking collar back to the factory for an upgrade.The Astro offers a variety of GPS collars intended for hunting dogs. They combine GPS
with portable invisible boundaries, training features, and capability for tracking up to 10 dogs. This setup is designed for Bird Hunting Dogs. Not so much for the Urban Pets. The new "Collar Lock" feature allows you the option of protecting your dogs from other people. You select a 4 digit code that the hand held will require a new user to enter before it will allow them to track your GPS collar.Like many of these comments, I too have Whistle. I bought Tagg when first out. It was great and precise. They were constantly updating the technology to their website and support was great! At one time, after warrantee had expired, one of the collar transmitters wings were chewed off. Tagg replaced unit FREE OF CHARGE! The day Whistle acquired Tagg, all went to hell. The site did not track daily activity like Tagg did. Receiving notification your pet is outside the safe zone is a minimum 10 minutes until you get the notice and likewise when returned to safe zone. The “real time” tracking sucks, pet may be out of safe zone for 30 minutes and will show only one position on map. Tagg would actually track pets travel. False notices, like middle of night when dogs sleeping in my room not wearing transmitters…Go figure! As for customer service, Tagg was top notch…Whistle sucks! Have tried contacting them several times via Whistle site never getting a response. Currently have one of my two just stopped working. Looking for replacement for two better made GPS units that comes with good customer service> Any suggestions?