Is a hamster a good pet for kids

This is a simple three dimensional hamster craft that is fun for kids to make and play with.
Fluffy Hamsters are the ideal 1st pets for kids and they are just so much fun to play with at playtime, So watch our kids vlog video Honey G The Hamster Kids First Pet Animal Assault Agility Course Challenge Pink Barbie Car & Toys Fun # featuring honey doing the amazing assault course challenge your boys and girls will just love it watching her go through books tunnels tubes and eating and filling her pouches with hamster food. We have many more videos watching our hamsters wizz and play with cool toys and wheels and watch the story of my hamster and its pets life unfold watch Harry and Claudia with her new pink jojo bow having fun.
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It’s time to enjoy some of the most fascinating hamster facts for kids including hamster diet, habitat, lifespan, and reproduction. Hamsters (Cricetidae) are seed-eating (granivorous) rodents that belong to the order of Rodentia. Hamster Care Training for Kids - YouTubeHow to Be a Good Hamster Owner (for Kids): 10 Steps - wikiHowHow to draw a hamster for kids - YouTube
Hamsters can make great pets for kids, but there are a few things to be aware of before enjoying the benefits of having a pet hamster. Hamsters are perfect for busy families since they do not require a lot of human interaction and can thrive with just some basic pet care. Having your child care for a pet gives them a sense of responsibility which is important as they grow up.I know a lot of you folks are gonna fall in love with this adorable little critter. I knew I had to make a tutorial that was based on a hamster somehow, so what better way to upload a new hamster concept than to teach you "how to draw a hamster for kids", step by step. I must of had at least two hamsters when I was a kid. The first one I had died because my little brother and cousin let is slide down a long narrow plastic PVC tube to see if the hamster would get dizzy. When it came out at the other end, it was fine. But the next day I found poor Puffles laying on his exercise wheel with it's mouth open. It looked like he may have had a heart attack or something because it seemed as though he passed away when he was running on the wheel. I was so sad when I found him like that, and I vowed to never get another hamster again until I was older. Well, about four year later I got another hamster and this time it was a girl. I named her Buttons because she had two light colored tan patches over her eyes. She was the sweetest thing. Everything was fine with Buttons but then I lost interest in her so I gave Buttons to my cousin who loved rodent type pets. As a matter of fact it was the same cousin that wanted to sell me her ferrets. Anyways, Buttons lived a good life with her, but she passed on due to reasons unknown. This hamster that you will be drawing looks a lot like Puffles. I know the names seem weird but I guess it's because I'm a weirdo. Drawing animals is such a treat especially when I make them in this child like form. I had a lot of fun drawing a hamster for kids, and I know you will too. Enjoy this tutorial folks and be sure to leave comments, ratings, and even fav if you want. Peace people and keep a look out for more drawing fun coming your way.....This is a good book for young hamster owners. They learn how to choose a hamster, what kind of cage to buy, and what to feed it. Kids also learn how tame their hamster, give it exercise, and what to do when the hamster is sick.Dear Crushed,
I can almost promise you that after your kids were finished squeezing, sitting on, or hugging really, really hard their darling hamster, and it just lay there looking like a bloodied, dying hamster, even at 5 and 6, they pretty much knew, "Uh-oh, I think we killed the hamster." Your reassurance that the hamster had a lip boo-boo and is now recovering at an extended-care facility has probably only imparted the confusing lesson that their hamster has -like healing powers. (Your story must be the rodent equivalent of telling the kids the dog has gone to "live with people in the country" when it's actually just gotten a shot of Fatal-Plus.) I understand that you're stuck on an emotional hamster wheel, but you've got to get off and tell the truth. When you explain to your kids what really happened, you don't want to be either punitive or despondent. You need to tell them that small, furry creatures require gentle handling. Sadly, their hamster died because they were accidentally too rough with it. If they cry, comfort them, and if they're shockingly blasé, accept it. Answer simply but honestly any questions they have. If they want to know where the hamster is now, tell them the vet takes away the bodies of the dead animals. If they ask whether the hamster was in pain, you can explain that it was but the pain didn't last long. And if they say they want another hamster—well, Dad, see if you can cross that when you come to it.