Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® with Chicken Canned Cat Food

Relieve your cat of tummy troubles with Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Dry Food
Hills Prescription Diet i/d Feline provides all the nutrition your cat needs. Please consult your veterinarian for further information on how our Prescription Diet foods can help your cat to continue to enjoy a happy and active life.
Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care with Chicken Canned Cat Food
I purchase ONLY Hills Prescription Diet Wet & Dry food for my 2 cats. I buy at my Vet or at retail pet store. Along with my vet, the i/d food has helped my cats get better after a infection. They are my family, so we only want the best for them. Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Vegetable & Tuna Stew Canned Cat Food ..Hill's Prescription Diet Cat i/d Canned Food | PetCareRxPin Hills Prescription Diet Feline Thyroid Yd Cat Food Viove
Hill's pet nutrition creates dog and cat food that transform lives - precisely engineered to meet your pet's individual needs.. Buy hills prescription diet c/d feline multicare with chicken urinary care health dry food for only $67.99 at pet 360, pet 360. is your feline companion trying to. Buy hill's prescription diet w/d canine digestive & weight glucose management dry food for only $76.99 at pet food direct, pet food direct. manage your dogs diabetes. I am writing this review to let every pet owner know never to use any Hills product pet foods! It all started when I took my two-year-old Shichon Jasper to his yearly veterinarian examination. He received all of his vaccines and the vet told me he was a few pounds overweight and recommended that I put him on the Hills prescription metabolic diet. I purchased two cans of the wet food to start mixing it in with the grain free dry food I had been giving him for a year and a half. Approximately five days later he became deathly ill. He was profusely vomiting until there was blood in it and had diarrhea so bad. His stool was very mucousy and bloody. I took him to the vet immediately to have his stool tested to make sure he didn't have any parasite. Everything came back negative! They started him on a daily medication called ** for the diarrhea and gave him an anti-nausea injection. Please consult your vet for further information and guidance on what is best for your cat. hills prescription diet feline k/d gravy pouch with salmon is specifically. Buy hill's prescription diet z/d canine skin & food sensitivities dry food for only $74.99 at pet 360, pet 360. allergies are very irritating. itching isnt cute.. Buy hill's prescription diet w/d canine digestive & weight glucose management canned food for only $32.49 at pet food direct, pet food direct. balance fiber and. Unfortunately, the transition never worked out... Both cats began to have very loose stools and one cat began vomiting shortly after any attempt to eat. By the end of the transition period, both cats would sit at the food dish and cry for food, eat a few bites and walk away... Both still had very explosive loose stools tinged with blood and one cat was now also vomiting multiple times daily. After a few days of this, I called my vet who wanted to see the cat that had begun vomiting multiple times daily, right away. He received fluids, a b12 injection and an ultrasound. The doctor recommended that I discontinue feeding both cats this "improved formula" (which she was unaware of as well) immediately. My cats never ate another bite of the Hills "improved formula" prescription z/d, and have been thriving with zero incidents in the 7 months since I have transitioned them to a different diet.