Heritage Farms Steel Hopper Bird Feeder.

Below is a quick overview of building a hopper bird feeder from wood with plexi-glass windows.
Attract a large range of birds and squirrels with Hopper bird feeders. Hopper bird feeders allow larger birds or a lot of smaller birds to feed at one time meaning that there will be no more fighting over who gets to feed first in your garden.
Here is a simple hopper bird feeder design with step by step instructions:
This Woodlink’s “Going Green” Coppertop Gazebo Bird Feeder is one of the largest capacity hopper bird feeders on the market. An attractive bird feeder any homeowner would be proud to have in their backyard. This environmentally friendly bird feeder, made from recycled plastic, is designed for easy maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance for years. The solid copper roof will fit in with any backyard décor. hopper bird feedersThe second main problem with most hopper bird feeder designs is that the hinged roof used to fill the hopper with bird seed tends to leak.Using a hopper bird feeder will attract wild birds that won't visit your tube feeders or suet feeders.
Hopper bird feeders are a popular choice for feeding wild birds because unlike open platform bird feeders, they have an enclosed container or hopper that holds the bird seed and keeps things more tidy and sanitary. Hopper bird feeders generally hold a much larger capacity of seed than tube bird feeders, meaning you can fill them less often and spend more time watching the birds. They are usually made from wood or recycled plastic and most offer a clear window so you can monitor how much seed is left in your feeder. They also hold nearly any type of bird seed, sunflowers, safflower, or any birding mix, so you can attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard.Here are for the pictured hopper-style, wooden bird feeder on the left with detailed instructions. We built this feeder years ago and never had any problems with it and most importantly, the birds love it! Hopper feeders are shaped like miniature houses with a platform upon which walls and a roof are built, forming a hopper. These bird feeders are also called house feeders. They are able to provide protection for the seeds against the elements. Most hopper feeders are able to hold a good amount of seed thus eliminating the need to refill them often.

Hopper-style bird feeders have plastic or glass enclosures that dole out seeds as they are needed. It is a good option because seed is used as needed and large amounts are not exposed to wet or snowy weather or get kicked out by scratching birds. However, special care should be given to hopper feeders that are permanently mounted in the garden. The bird feeder will be very difficult to clean if the hopper or frame blocks the tray.

Many birds including Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Cardinals, Jays and Woodpeckers eat eagerly at hopper feeders. The tray of a hopper-style feeder should have enough room for more than two or three birds to gather and eat. Hopper feeders are not always rectangular. There are designs that have many sides or tubular, resembling a gazebo, lantern or silo and may be called by these names.
A significant innovation in hopper feeders is the squirrel-proof model. For this model, the birds need to step on a rail to reach the seed tray. The rail has a counterweight that can be adjusted such that a weight heavier than expected causes the shield to lower in front of the tray.
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Hopper style bird feeders are, typically, the first kind frequently chosen by those wanting to bring in birds to their backyards. These are the classic designs, frequently shaped like miniature homes, and are a good choice for shielding birdseed from the aspects, such as rainfall or snow. Due to the fact that they are built with a roofing and multiple sides, that is. At times they look like a gazebo, or even a lantern. The roofing system can be raised to open the feeder, making it a snap to put bird seed in to it.

Many sizes and styles can be discovered, and they can be as plain or elaborately created as preferred. Ornamental hopper style bird feeders could be found in numerous "styles" such as nautical, beach, asian, and others. They could be constructed of metal, or plastic, or wood. Hopper design bird feeders can be hung from a tree branch, or set down on a pole or post. Some can be bought with squirrel proofing developed in; for others, squirrel repellent functions can be added on. Window hopper feeders could likewise be found that are simple to set up. The one usual function to all kinds and styles of hopper design bird feeders is their capacity for holding a huge amount of bird seed. This means more time for bird watching, and less time refilling the feeding station
Check ou my website Any hopper attracts birds in the area as long as it is visible to them, and has a comfortable place for them to stand. Some common types of hopper bird feeders include those made from plastic bottles, milk cartons, wood, and Mason jars.