The Hydor FLO rotating water deflector rotates 360 degrees driven by

Hydor Flo Rotating power head Info:
i blame the hydor flo for my keeping my sandbed dirty lately. i tooksome links out of the original outlet and put it back in for now to seehow it goes. it left so much crap on the tops of my LR.
Subject: Re: Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector?
New MJ600 and hydor flo rotating flow randomizer.....I'm happy with it. It reduces the flow rate on the pump but it's ok because the MJ00 return pump upgrade is PLENTY! Seems serviceable and simple but in design. Extremely effective at reduces dead spots in the water column. Hydor Flo Rotating power head CommentsThe Hydor FLO rotating water deflector rotates 360 degrees driven byThe Hydor FLO rotating water deflector rotates 360 degrees driven by
This Hydor Rotating Flo Deflector is an add-on for power heads. You plug it in to the output of the power head and it rotates from the force of the water flowing through it. Are you tired of having 4 or 5 power heads in your tank trying to reproduce turbulent reef type water conditions? If so, and you're financially challenged (as we are) then these rotating devices might be a good option for your .Do you think that adding the stock pump will suffice for the ideal flow or should i get the 1200? OR will the 1200 with hydor and stock pump be too much?I was thinking of putting hydor flo rotating deflectors on both heads....which would cause totally random flow patterns....but then I was thinking for the same price I could get a get a single hydor koralia #1 (400gph) which might produce a nicer output but with little randomization.The Koralia's are very nice though. How big is your tank? What do you have running now? I have (1) Koralia Nano & (1) MaxiJet 1200 w/ HydorFlo attachment in my 24g Nano Cube.Are you asking if the Hydor Flo (rotating water deflector) is compatible (attachable) with the Koralia Nano powerhead, then no. It's to be used on Maxi-jet's, mini-jets, Rio's, etc....Was thinking of getting a Hydor Flo Wavemaker 360deg Rotating Water Deflector and couldn't find a decent up close and all round video of one so after taking the plunge i have made this video. I'd recommend the product, it is quiet and does vary the flow of water well. I'd recommend this product (after having owned it for 24 hours anyway, time will tell!). Full review here - good luck thank u.. but my question really was "in my 35 gallon tank currently i have 1 return (hydor flo attached) and 1 mj 1200 (295 gph rated) pump again, hydor flo attached. i am planning to add koralia. what size koralia should i get? thanks again"I have a bowfront corner 52, lovely tank, but it carries some operational problems, not only a small sump, but the overflow is also bowed, which limits what I can attach at the outflow. This device looks promising (Foster/Smith calls it Hydor Flo, but I'm suspicious it's Hydro) and plumb-able with the situation I have. I could easily elbow it down a couple of inches.