IAMS Hairball Control System rich in Chicken, 10 кг

Nov 21, 2003 - Heidi, I've been giving the girls Iams Hairball & Weight Control
My cat has a tendency toward constipation, due to hair getting clogged up in his system, so I decided to try mixing in with his other food some Iams Hairball/Weight Control formula. (He needs the weight control part, too!) It seems to be helping to keep him more "regular." And he seems to like the taste. It's a little expensive, but not as much as some brands. And it's easily available in stores.
Jan 5, 2008 - She was initially fed on Iams hairball control (being a long hair cat) with the occasionally sheba and whiskas dentabit as a treat
Always feed this to my 12 yo cats, as well as varying formulas of Iams dry food, and sometimes Science Hill and have never had a problem - UNTIL RECENTLY... My cats were not eating much, very odd for them, and after a week they appeared to be losing weight. I called the vet and was about to get blood work as I thought they were sick. But then I thought maybe it is the food. I purchased another small bag of the same Iams hairball/weight control formula and they gobbled it up immediately! SO... Something is wrong with that 40lb bag that I purchased from Walmart (in Central new Jersey). I searched online to see if there was a recall but found nothing, except I did find previous entries here on this site where the person's cats were getting sick from same brand/formula recently. Cat Food for Hairballs - IAMS ProActive Health Hairball Care - IAMSProActive Health™ INDOOR WEIGHT & HAIRBALL CARE - IamsIAMS ProActive Healt Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Care cat food helps ..