He gets his supply from as far away as Canada.

Melt all of the icy trouble spots with the 40 lb. Ice Melt bag. With a mix of both calcium and magnesium chloride, you can speed up the melting time. Safe to use around plants and more efficient than rock salt.
Lou Holod, the owner, prides himself on never running out of anything, anytime.
The only way to include Greenland ice melt (as well as Antarctic ice melt) in climate models is to make assumptions about the rates at which the ice sheets are melting, says Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University who studies the AMOC and was not involved in the new work. Mann says Bakker’s predictions of this fresh water influx are more realistic than previous estimates of an AMOC shutdown, most notably those made in by former NASA climate scientist James Hansen. Holod has a tip if you're buying.But if you can't find any of the above?There are other choices that'll at least give you traction on your driveway and sidewalks.
"Calcium chloride and potassium chloride probably go five times further than rock salt so it might seem more expensive, but you got to really use it sparingly and wisely," Holod said. "It's basically the same as the rock salt that they sell as regular ice melt. Hopefully, it's a small area because we are looking at things that are a bit more expensive," Schaefer said. "Doesn't melt but it does have good friction. The same is true with wood ashes or coal ashes if you happen to have any of that material," Dr. Ara DerMarderosian of the University of The Sciences said. Another alternative is water softener salt. But the pellets are so large Holod says it's best for driveways where cars go over it, not so great for sidewalks since somebody could twist their ankle on it. Here's what our chemists say you should not use: bleach, which is highly corrosive, and vinegar, sugar, baking soda or Epsom salt, which they say aren't that effective. Of course, you could just step away from the internet and check back in an hour or so, when 1.5 million blog posts will be broadcasting the premiere date loud and clear without leaving any puddles of lukewarm water. But how much fun would that be?At its best, Game of Thrones is one of the most thrilling shows in the history of television, combining epic scope with a complicated and genuinely shocking plot. And what better way to re-create that feeling than by watching a huge block of ice melt? That was the brain wave of HBO, which is currently staging a publicity stunt to reveal the date on which the show’s eagerly anticipated seventh season will premiere, involving a large chunk of ice and apparently not nearly enough fire. For 10 pulse-pounding minutes, fans—nearly 1.5 million of them—watched the ice melt on Facebook Live, obediently typing "FIRE" into the comments section in the hopes that the flames would rise and all would be revealed. But it turns out quite quickly that watching ice melt isn’t much different from watching paint dry. To quote one underwhelmed commenter, “This is like a really fun game that isn’t fun and it sucks.”DIY Ice Candle - Ice Candles are amazing to look at and even more fun to make. You pour hot wax right over ice cubes! The ice melts away and leaves holes inside the candle. Cool!