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Rabbit Care and Health Information - Fuzzy-Rabbit
Not at all. Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during twilight hours. They spend most of the day asleep and are very very active at around 10pm. Read the for more information about rabbit behaviour.
Rabbit Health and Care Information - Fuzzy-Rabbit
What accounts for this increasing popularity? The single most significant factor is probably widespread access to the Internet, which makes information about rabbits more available to more people than ever before. The word is out on rabbits as house pets, and numerous rabbit-focused organizations maintain websites that attract potential owners and offer profiles of adoptable rabbits. The Internet also makes it easy for new owners to get the information and support they need to care for rabbits as house pets. Information About Rabbit Coat Care - Rabbit Care Info - The Nature TrailFurther information: Rabbits in AustraliaBreeding Rabbits Information including Rabbit Breeds, Pens and Care