Kelp for Pet Dogs | The Superfoods!

Kelp for dogs and other pets is a rich source of vitamins and minerals
Kelp is extremely nutritious and a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Supplementing your dog with kelp every day can keep your dog happy and healthy! This page looks at the health benefits of seaweeds for dogs and where to get good quality Norwegian kelp for dogs.
In view of its rich nutrients, recently many holistic vets are also promoting the beneficial effects of kelp for dogs.
Are you ready to Sea the Difference®? Try The Missing Link® Pet Kelp® for dogs and cats today. Supplementing your pet's diet with kelp can bring so many health benefits. Only you can improve your cat and dogs health. Your fur kid will love it and you’ll love the result! Stool consumption can also be a sign of trace mineral deficiencies. We use kelp for our dogs, but bentonite can also provide minerals.ICELANDIC KELP MEAL FOR DOGSBenefits of Kelp for Dogs | The Honest Kitchen Blog
100% Natural Kelp Supplements for cats, dogs and horses SeaHorse Atlantic has combined passion for animals with the marine environment to bring your horse, cat and dog veterinary recommended natural supplements from the sea. A natural product with scientifically proven benefits, tried & tested with winning results. #dog #cat #supplement #healthy #pet #horseIs all kelp safe for dogs? Not all kelp is the same. Deep ocean kelp is considered to be the cleanest and safest because it is far from shore and commercial pollutants. is considered to be special and of the highest quality because of the healthy environment in which it grows. Kelp thrives off the Norwegian coast because this is where fresh Arctic Ocean water meets mineral-rich glacial freshwater run-off. These to waters combine to create the optimal conditions for kelp to thrive.In the same study, it was found that kelp for dogs could help control fleas. Dogs were found to be less attractive to fleas and flies after three weeks of supplementation. Ads for kelp supplements for dogs boast its benefits for vitality, immunity and “proper function of the thyroid gland.” Kelp often appears as a heavily promoted dietary ingredient included in home-prepared raw diets. However, considering the inclination of many to believe that “more is better,” the sum total of iodine ingested day after day from both supplemental and dietary sources may prove detrimental to an animal’s thyroid status and health.If you peruse the ingredients list for your dog’s food, you may come across some strange ingredients that are not easy to identify. You may also find ingredients that you are familiar with, but didn’t realize could be used in dog food – kelp is one of those things. Let’s go over the potential benefits of kelp for dogs and the role it plays in your dog’s diet.