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The Labrador Retriever is one of the country’s most popular pets for a reason. These dogs are famous for their mellow and sweet personalities. However, along with their sweet temperaments comes a high occurrence of hip issues. Having a Lab dog bed that can be customized for comfort is absolutely ideal. Molly Mutt dog duvets are unique in that the stuffing is fully customizable. Use any combination of upcycled textiles, from socks to towels to sheets, to form your pet’s bed. The stuffing can be changed over time as your dog’s needs change.
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Is your Lab dog bed uncomfortable or difficult to clean? Have your purchased multiple without finding the right one? Is your dog still trying to sleep on the couch or a pile of blankets pulled off your bed? Then consider a new option for your Lab with the Molly Mutt dog bed duvet line. Our doggie duvets are versatile, , eco-friendly, and easy to care for. Home All Gifts for Her Labrador Dog BedsHome Gifts for the Home Labrador Dog BedsLabrador Retrievers | Dog beds UK