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Firstly, you do not need to buy an expensive rabbit litter tray. A mini lop bunny will fit very nicely into a washing up bowl and enjoy spending time in there too! I use washing up bowls £1 from Wilkos, bargain! My babies and adults use them. As I have many bunnies I have to provide a lot of litter trays so this makes sense for me. One of my bunnies actually prefers to use a large cat litter tray for some reason, so it just does not matter what you have to hand,as long as they have something they can fit comfortably in. I think the appeal of using a product specifically designed for a rabbit litter tray is the high back as this prevents wee going over the tops. With mini lop bunnies this isnt a problem in a washing up bowl or a cat litter tray as they are small bunnies.
Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box - Large Kitty Litter Tray With Hood
4. Offer a choice between . A large cat will need a large litter tray; a big plastic storage box is a good option. Cats usually prefer uncovered boxes. Automated boxes are convenient, but still require some maintenance. A large cat will need a large litter tray; a big plastic storage box is a good optionBunnies in the box | The box is now a large litter tray with… | FlickrAt the moment i have a large litter tray which is full of hay and a bowl of pellets
Clever and stealthy, only you and your cats will know that this attractive corner furniture is actually a litter cabinet. Opening the front door reveals a large triangle litter tray (included) and a catch tray underneath for stray litter collection and disposal.A large car litter tray with a large , the Cabrio litter box provides ample room for your cats to do their business. The spacious tray and the hood prevent the cats from kicking out the litter as they scrape. It features a hinged door for fast, easy cleaning which you can lock into place for a fully hooded tray between cleanings. The cat flap-style entrance, complete with swinging door, enables your cats to enter and exit with ease. With an integrated slot in which you can put activated carbon filters, the Cabrio litter box gives you all the tools you need to prevent odours from escaping the tray. This tray measures 50x40x41 cm and has a deep bottom. It is the ideal tray for nervous or anxious cats as you can start by leaving the front part of the hood unlocked and open, enabling the cats to get used to the idea of using a hooded tray.