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Buy 10 and Save. Refill cartridge for the LitterLocker Plus. Refills last 2 months for 1 cat.
Pet odor can be offensive and embarrassing, but this handy system helps keep the situation under control. Each refill lasts up to two months per cat and installs in a snap. Get rid of those grocery store bags and cat box liners for good. Switch to the revolutionary LitterLocker Plus system, and take the struggle out of maintaining your cat's box.
La poubelle LitterLocker plus est une poubelle anti-odeurs et hygiénique pour litières souillées.
LitterLocker® is a product of Petmate®, a company that encourages responsible pet ownership through the marketing of quality pet products with a focus on safety, training and transport. Call 1-877-PETMATE or visit for the retailer near you. Rollback at  Our LitterLocker Design Pail is only $14.97! Get yours todayChute de prix chez  Notre poubelle à litière LitterLocker Design est seulement à 14,97 $Here are our new sleeves for the LitterLocker Design Plus pail! Get yours today!
Petmate's® new LitterLocker® gives cat owners an odor free, hygienic way to dispose of waste. It provides a quick, clean and easy-to-use solution to the age-old problem of litter box odor and clean up.Cat owners love the fact that LitterLocker handles a dirty job with style. The disposal system is engineered with an attractive, compact design that blends with any home environment or stores easily when not in use.One turn a day seals odors away in a seven-ply plastic bag that's so smell-proof, pet owners can wait weeks before emptying the unit. LitterLocker refill cartridges last about two months for one cat.Der LitterLocker®II ist ein Eimer, in dem man die verschmutzte Katzenstreu ganz bequem, absolut geruchsicher und hygienisch sammeln kann, bevor man sie entsorgt.LitterLockis foil is a significantly cheaper alternative to the original cassettes for Litter Locker II disposal system.

LitterLockis foil is manufactured from the same materials as the original foil and safely prevents odors. We put a huge emphasis on the environment and manufacture the Solgenic foil without using any chemical additions. It is perfumeless, hypoallergic and its destruction does not harm the environment.

Application of LitterLockis foil is smooth and simple. It won’t take you more than a minute to refill your empty original cassette.


- Litter Locker® I
- Litter Locker® II
- Litter Locker® Plus

Simply use LitterLockis foil to save you from buying expensive Litter Locker II cassettes!Overview: The Petmate LitterLocker is the perfect accessory for any conventional litter box. Since most conventional litter boxes need to be emptied daily, it can be quite a hassle. The LitterLocker saves the daily trip to the trash can, and only needs to be emptied once every two weeks. It is not an actual litter […]So the picture above is the style that I had of the Litter Locker but mine is blue and white. It is a little difficult to find the actual item on their website. I would put Litter Locker in the search item then make a choice above the picture of the refill cartridge to Litter Locker Ii or II. You will see as you keep digging that the Petmate LitterLock Plus is going BYE BYE. You can get a good price on the discontinued model. I have not had any problem with it breaking, they are sturdy. It is looking like they are no longer offering the 5 pk. They are selling the refill cartridges for $5.99 not $7.99.The LitterLocker by Petmate is made from hard plastic and comes in black and white. It is a sort of container, with a mechanism that helps contain the smells so that the waste does not need to be thrown out for two weeks. The expandable bag cartridge can last up to two months for one cat. The LitterLocker measures 14 x 15.4 x 8.8 inches and weighs 5.4 pounds. The slightly larger version is the LitterLocker Plus, also by Petmate, which comes in blue and white but is basically the same exact item. The product includes the Petmate LitterLocker, a litter scoop, and a bag cartridge. By simply turning the attached handle, the waste is sealed into a 7-ply bag, which controls the mess along with the odor.