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Live plants in aquariums also stunt the , so the tank will have less need of cleaning. They keep nitrate and nitrite levels low- provided they aren’t constantly being eaten up by the fish in the tank.
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I have both a mix of live and fake plants, I find it that having a mixture works really well, the fake plants grow algae for algae eaters while providing hiding places for my fish and the live plants oxygenate my water. As far as which is better? Beats me but I like ha icing the best of both worlds, and also it allows me to add more of a variety of fish to my tank, most live plant aquariums only allows nano fish unless u have a really big tank I would say 70+ gallons, but what I would recommend for all you beginners out ther is do a mix, since it will allow you to set up a nice looking tank fast and also let you slowly learn how to care for live plants without being overwhelmed by a large garden, also if your plant die it will be less to replace when you try again. Live Planted Aquarium DesignBasic Live Plant Aquarium - YouTubeHi I Am 100% New To Starting A Live Plant Aquarium
It might sound daunting, but crafting your own live plant aquarium is actually nearly as easy as properly setting up a regular one. A “live plant” aquarium merely means that your fish tank doubles as a garden as well as a home for your fishier family members. Keep in mind that setting up a live plant tank is best done with a tank that does not already have a settled ecosystem. If you are attempting to convert a previously-existing set up, you will need to transplant your fish into another tank for a period of time until their new home has been cycled and completed. Don’t let that stop you- having a live plant tank is more than worth the effort that goes into making it happen.
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Cleaning the live planted aquarium needs extra effort. Over the time, the live plants may die or decay and that debris also add to the waste of the tank. So, you need to monitor and clean regularly. Live plants have to be handled carefully while cleaning, as the small or new plants would get uprooted or sucked up during vacuum.