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You can use FedEx packaging or your own with a FedEx shipping label. Packages should not be left outside the drop box. Bring packages too large for the drop box to the counter at a staffed FedEx Ship Center or FedEx Office location in Puerto Rico, TX.
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“Location, Location, Location. Puerto Rico has always been about location, since the time of the Caribe Indians, to Columbus, the pirates of the Caribbean, the U.S. Navy and now Margaritaville. We are delighted to add our name to the list of adventurers who have called this island home. I have spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico in my comings and goings through the Caribbean over the years, and have personally discovered the hidden beauty, culture and charm of these islands and the local inhabitants, from Rincon to Culebra.” Browse all DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse locations in Puerto Rico3 Responses to IHOP restaurant has 5+ locations in Puerto RicoAvis Car Rental Locations Puerto Rico