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Note: A low protein dog food diet is generally not recommended for healthy animals.
If your vet has recommended low protein dog food for your furry friend, it's very likely that he has, very sadly, been diagnosed with one of the following dog illnesses:
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Dealing with a sick pet can be overwhelming, but low protein dog foods can actually in dogs with chronic kidney disease. Always follow your veterinarian's advice and continue to feed your dog the low protein diet as prescribed to keep your canine companion healthy for years to come. Low Protein Dog Food RecipesJump directly to current pricing & more information about the best low protein dog food for liver disease:›Low Protein Dog Food
What is a good low protein dry dog food? :I have a 3year old German Shepherd Black Lab and my vet has suggested a low protein diet. He said any food under 18% Crude Protein. The only one that I can find is Hannafords Smart Option Brand but … What is a good low protein dry dog food?Low protein dog food contains a variety of different levels of amino acids and each protein has a varying ability to break down into amino acids. Egg, for example, contains high protein followed by fish and milk and beef. For a puppy, 28% of dietary intake should be protein while for an adult dog, 18%. The ideal diet for a dog with kidney or urinary health-related problems is one of high quality, low level protein. A diet which is high in complex carbohydrates containing ingredients such as whole grains, fruits, and low purine vegetables may help rid the body of extra uric acid. A diet with low protein, coupled with low fat, phosphorus, salt and purines are able to assist the body in metabolising the uric acid in the body.Protein is essential to a dog’s diet. It is necessary for its growth and development and more importantly, in its structural makeup and immune system. As dogs are generally energetic and athletic, they burn calories gained from protein and convert these enzymes into fat. The building blocks that make up proteins, amino acids, are either consumed or synthesized. A deficiency in these amino acids may cause severe health side effects. Levels of protein vary; however, protein itself is vital to a dog’s bodily function as it maintains the structure of skin and ligaments, needed for the production of new tissues, maintains metabolic processes and is a necessary nutrient for the repair of tissues. Low protein dog food may be necessary in a dog’s diet if it is suffering from urinary tract infection, urinary stones, early kidney disease or chronic renal failure.High protein dog diets have been linked to aggressive behaviour. Lower protein dog food tends to offer better nutrition, palatability and digestibility. A healthy nutrition can also mean less medical bills. Ensuring your dog’s diet is optimal will result in the difference you see in your dog’s healthy skin, coat and energy level.While high protein intake is not much harm as it is converted to calories or into fat, a dog with a kidney problem may suffer from high protein diets. Low protein diets are usually low in nitrogen. These proteins are more digestible and therefore produce less nitrogen by products. Dogs with weak or damaged kidneys may not be able to handle diets with normal protein content and thus low protein dog food allows the body to handle excess protein and nitrogen more efficiently. In dogs with poor or damaged kidneys, a low protein diet can prevent the nitrogen content being too high in the bloodstream which may cause harm to other body tissues. Unless your dog has a kidney problem, adjusting the protein intake is not necessary. It is important to note that feeding a normal dog a low-protein diet is not ideal either.Now that I've share the recipes I must admit I hope you only use them temporarily or on an emergency basis. While you're here I want to give you some tips about renal disease and low protein dog food. All this requires is an extra minute and a little common sense.