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Milk-Bone Small/Medium Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats are made for small to medium dogs (25-49 pounds) that aren’t so excited to see a toothbrush but still need to keep those pearly whites in good shape. When given to your dog daily, these dental bones are as effective as brushing his teeth twice a week in reducing tartar buildup. They hold the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for tartar control, and they’re clinically proven to cut down on tartar and fight bad breath. These flexible bones have a patented design that’s made to twist as your dog chews to clean even hard to reach teeth with its bristle-like nubs and ridges. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews make it easy to provide oral care for your pup because they have a delicious chicken taste dogs can’t resist.
Milk Bone® Small Dog Snacks.
Milk-Bone Small MaroSnacks Dog Treats give treat-seeking dogs of all sizes more of the stuff they instinctively love in one delicious treat. The mouthwatering flavors come from real bone marrow that’s wrapped in a crunchy biscuit. This combination of meaty goodness with exciting textures make Milk-Bone MaroSnacks a fast favorite in the canine world. These wholesome bites give your pup a dose of vitamins and minerals and is especially rich in calcium to help maintain strong and healthy teeth and bones. Although they’re bite-sized, these biscuits aren’t just for tiny jaws—they make the perfect training treats for any size dog to enjoy. Milk-Bone Small Dog BiscuitsMilk-Bone Gravy Bones Small Dog Biscuits | PetcoMilk-Bone Small Dog Biscuits | Petco
For meat-loving pups, nothing smells better than catching a whiff of Milk-Bone GravyBones Small Dog Biscuits as you open the bag for treat time. These gravy-basted biscuits are filled with wholesome goodness and come in a variety of yummy, meaty flavors like beef, bacon, chicken and liver. While your dog is crunching his tasty bone, it’s helping to freshen his breath, clean his teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Beyond the dental benefits, this functional treat helps keep your dog at his best with 12 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s the ultimate flavor indulgence that’s also good for your dog’s health.