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I was just at my Vet and got Maxwell some of the Royal Canin Gastrointestonal HE dry, seems that Royal Canin is sole owner of the company now. They are producing their products in a commune in Southern France ONLY. Royal Canin S.A.S. Their brand of wet Gastro HE, which I have been feeding Maxwell as per my Vets instructions, looks like a completely different dog food now, the ingredients are not at all the same or listed in the same order. I am surprised my Vet did not catch that. Just updating you guys as this just recently took place and I do not think it fair to feed my dog someting I have not been told about. I will call my Vet first thing Mon. morning. They (Royal Canin) used to be located in Mo, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. They do not answer their phones either. Maybe you will have a chance to review their new ingredients and compare as to better or worse in their vdry and wet foods. Maxwell is out of food and to my displeasure, I will hope for the best and feed him this new wet food Sat. night and Sunday am/pm. I still like the Acana dog food, looks like one of the best, IF my dog would be able to tolerate it, i may make the change.
Thank you,
Allan R. Pentecost & Maxwell
dont do costco. look up the reviews. i just took my dog off due to illness. many dogs have been killed by costco dog food
Hi Dianne… Hill’s Prescription Diet D/D canned dog food is already on my To Do list. However, due to our current backlog of products for review, it could be a while longer before I get to it. Thanks for the reminder. I've fed my current and previous 2 dogs Kirkland brand dog food and they've all been healthy with beautiful coatsMy Perfect Pet Dog Food - an independent review, star rating and recall history by the editors of The Dog Food Advisor.Mar 27, 2017 - I'm seeing a lot of new dog food brands entering the market, which is making my reviews more difficult
I switched my 8 month old dog from Nutro to Diamond Naturals 6 weeks ago to try and save some money. Big mistake! She tolerated it for a month. She then just quit eating at all! She started vomiting and diarrhea for several days, shaking uncontrollably. I had to carry her outside to vomit and poop. Saddest thing ever!!! I know you're not supposed to just switch without transitioning but I had to! She is back on her Nutro and within a day is significantly better. So glad after reading these reviews I knew immediately it was the food and stopped it. They need to do something about this asap!So, this morning I decided to so some research and found others are experiencing the same with this dog food. Prior to me using this dog food, I research & found many good reviews. So, what has happen with this brand of dog food in recent months. Diamond needs to recall and test these 4 Health foods. I am heart broken... just lost one fur baby two weeks ago, another in critical condition, and another going down the same health related path as the other two. These fur babies are my family... not just dogs. I am also a senior living on a fixed income and my vet bills have already exceed $700.00 just the past 16 days. Now, Monday the 3rd fur baby goes in for same test and that will put me over $1,000.00 for vet bills. I pray for anyone using this dog food.My dogs have had reactions to dog foods in the past. I switched to Diamond Naturals about 2 years ago, problems were resolved. I opened a new bag last week. In a few days both of my dogs have started having skin and eye reactions just like with previous foods. Now that I switched to Taste of the Wild since yesterday, and they seem to be improving. There was definitely an ingredient switch or some kind of error. I liked this dog food, it was a good price for grain-free/low-grain diets. I don't trust to feed this again.A few days ago I threw away the bag she had been eating and opened a new bag. Now that we are a few days into the new bag my youngest, healthiest dog will not eat the food and is struggling with diarrhea and vomiting. He now will not eat any of his food. I have found Diamond Naturals to be a stellar company and I have recommended their food products to many people who have had great success. I urge this company to look into their food sourcing for possible contamination. Our set of circumstances over the past months draws suspicion about this product. I truly hope the food is not to blame but it would be a irresponsible of us not to consider it. If there is something wrong with the food I hope this review will help others and hopefully prevent the loss of someone's precious pet.