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There are a couple major and very important factors to remember about the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" before I actually get into the ingredients.
"Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food"
“This new all natural fish food represents a great step forward for hobbyists because not only is it a healthier fish food but by using our selection of EXTRAS™ every hobbyist can tailor the food to the exact needs of their fish” commented Dr. Timothy Hovanec, CEO of DrTim’s Aquatics. Page 1 of about 64.200.000 results for natural fish food - 0.686 sec.We combine natural food and herbs for breeding into  natural fish food.Shrimp being gutloaded with Bottom Bites natural fish food.
Immunition Bottom Bites are a proprietary blend, formulated based on extensive scientific research by independent experts, scientists and universities. Each and every ingredient is carefully chosen for specific benefits, balanced and combined for ultimate bio-availability and utilization. There is a special focus on natural immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasite properties. Nothing brings out fish colors like premium health, and Bottom Bites are also packed with natural color enhancers that enhance red, yellow, blue, and everything in between. There are no short-cuts and no economizing with sacrificed quality, and no extreme temperatures to obliviate the naturally sourced nutrients as we see in manufactured pelleted & flaked fish food. What's more, fish, snails and shrimp devour this natural fish food with great enthusiasm! (Check out the testimonials below).Natural fish food shipped directly to you and your fish. Let us be your go to supplier whenever your fish get hungry. Whether you need just a little or bulk fish food pellets, fish flakes and freeze dried fish food, be assured your fish will be getting the very best fish food available. By aquarium hobbyists for aqaurium hobbyists we can provide a fresh and reliable source of the finest fishfood and aquarium supplies at factory direct prices. Now you can feed your fish a healthy natural diet of fish food.This proprietary natural fish fry food blend provides an exceptional start in life for omnivorous and herbivorous fish species, such as Bettas, Rainbowfish, Livebearers, Cichlids and Tetras. It is also a highly nutritious natural Shrimp and Snail feed. We do not recommend this natural food for carnivorous aquarium fish fry, due to the high vegetation content."Almost Natural Frozen Tropical Fish Food" is what I call the food that I have been making for years. It has changed over the years to the point that I am using 99% fresh and natural seafood. Made in 35 to 50 pound quantities at a time (which is all I can fit into my kitchen freezer), the major ingredients include, but are not limited to, eight (8) different types of fresh fish plus additional fresh sea life such as shrimp, octopus and clams. My own "Almost Natural Frozen Fish Food" as I call it. Anyone who has been to my home and seen my fish can attest to the fact of how great this food has been for them. The tremendous size they put on at such a young age and the colors are both astounding, not to mention the overall health of the fish. I attribute it to my homemade "Almost Natural Frozen Fish Food".My goal in finally deciding to offer "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" to friends and fellow hobbyists is to offer a high quality tropical fish food at extremely reasonable prices. This goes back to my earlier statement of hobbyists helping hobbyists.By storing in vacuum sealed bags, none of the natural nutrition, proteins and vitamins is lost to the air and/or the stuff in the air getting to it. Many of the store packaged fish foods can get wormy after a year or so - depending upon how old the food actually is because of how long it sat in a warehouse and/or store shelf before you purchased it. That will not happen with the vacuum sealed method I use. Once bagged, the food is stored in a cool place until ordered. It will actually retain 100% of its freshness for at least 5 or 6 years. I can say that from first hand experience. When I first started selling the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" flakes, I purposely put aside 3 vacuum sealed bags. After 5 years, one was opened and after testing, it was as good as the day it was first sealed. The other two bags remain sealed to this day and will be opened in future years to test its "day number one" freshness.