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Ray Allen Manufacturing dog collars are designed for professional K9 handlers. We offer exclusively made dog collars in several materials including single and double layer leather dog collars, nylon dog collars many made with ID panel applications and dog collars made of RAM-tech material which is a leather alternative biothane material. In addition to our exclusive dog collars we offer the top of the line Herm Sprenger pinch and choke collars in several materials including stainless steel, black finish and martingale styles. If you are a professional K9 handler or just wanting the same K9 gear pros utilize, Ray Allen Manufacturing will have the right dog collar for your needs.
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The nylon, snap-on, choke collar is distinguished from a traditional choker by the fact that it is made of nylon and it attaches around the animal's neck by way of a snap. As opposed to a traditional choker, which is comprised of links of chain and is placed on the animal by sliding it over his head. Guardian Gear Choke Chain w/Nylon Webbing Dog Collar chic70%OFF Guardian Gear Choke Chain w/Nylon Webbing Dog CollarGuardian Gear Choke Chain w/Nylon Webbing Dog Collar outlet
The nylon snap-on choke collar is, essentially, a choke collar, like any other. It is, therefore, prone to all the same problems and pitfalls as any other type of choke collar.Martingale collar. A less common form of dynamic collar is what is referred to as a martingale collar or a limited slip choke chain. These collars are generally made of nylon with a chain loop linking the two ends of the nylon. The leash is attached to the chain loop and when pulled it tightens the nylon around the dog's neck. This collar gives even less of a mechanical advantage than the choke chain, and it can be difficult to fit properly. The advantage to this collar, is that there is a definite limit to how much pressure, you can put on the dog's trachea because the collar can only close to the specific diameter and no smaller. So, fitted correctly, this may be a good choice for giving a mild correction without choking the dog. The nylon, snap-on, choke collar consists of a flat length of nylon of perhaps, an inch or so wide, with metal rings attached to both ends. The length of nylon is looped through one of the rings in a way that allows it to slide, and because it can slip along it can be drawn short and, thus, constricted around the dog's neck by pulling up on the - which is why they call it a choke collar.The Check-Choke is a humane form of control that offers the advantages of a traditional choke and a flat nylon collar. Adjustable for perfect fit for dogs sized 17-24 inches, Reduces loss of neck hair, will not mat longhaired coats. The nylon portion measures 1 inch wide.This is the traditional dog collar. They come in various sizes and materials with different clasping mechanisms. Buckle collars use a buckle as a fastener. Quick-release collars are flat and made of nylon with a plastic clasp. Breakaway collars are a variation of the quick-release type. They have a safety clip that allows the collar to come off if it’s caught on something to keep your dog from choking.The pinch collar works in similar fashion to the choke chain, but instead of choking a dog that is pulling on the leash, the pinch collar has rows on metal spikes that dig into the dog when he pulls. The pain usually will cause him to stop. Obviously, this type of collar is also under attack by animal right groups. Some choose to use choke chains and pinch collars, but the same effect can be achieved without causing your dog any pain.

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