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Oregon Wooden Toys Choo Choo Train | Made In Oregon
Oregon Wooden Toy Company still exists to this day right here in Eugene, Oregon -Home of the Mighty Ducks and BeachGods! They pride themselves on being eco-friendly. The wood they choose are made of sustainable timber.
Oregon Wooden toy company
So, 37 years ago, using tools owned by the university, Gilbertfashioned the first of what he estimates to be more than a millionwooden toys he has made since the concept of his Oregon Wooden ToyCompany took The all-natural Big Rig Log Truck with Trailer, from the Oregon Wooden Toy Company is loaded and ready to rollBuy our Oregon Wooden Toys Mini Bank Truck, from the Oregon Wooden Toy Company now! Handmade in Oregon with sustainable wood. No Sales Tax.OREGON WOODEN TOY COMPANY