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You’ll find puppy playpens, indoor dog pens and you can even buy an outdoor playpen, which is great when trying to train your pet. There are even models designed for exercise, which every pet, whether a puppy or adult, will need plenty of to grow and stay strong.
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Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen
This convertible pet playpen can be use both indoor and outdoor and can be use as a pet gate. It's made of durable, solid plastic with some holders for better mobility. It is recommended for a small dogs. LivingSocial Shop: Outdoor Cat Play PenKeep your dog contained with the Lucky Dog Outdoor Pet Playpen with Roof and Water-Resistant Cover.Keep your dog contained with the Lucky Dog Outdoor Pet Playpen with Roof and Water-Resistant Cover.
There are many types of confiners on the market, from basic and 3 in 1 play yards, to indoor/outdoor playpens, to baby saucers that let older infants sit or stand upright. Your choice should depend on your child’s age as well as how and where you’ll use it. Will you use your baby gear inside, outside, at home, for travel…or all of the above?Attractive mesh form is an excellent way to outdoor cat playpen. The whole design in neutral design will be everywhere, giving domestic cats the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Exotic, colorful accents enliven the whole.Guinea pig outdoor play-pen. I wish I had one of these for Lilly and Olive. We don't have a fence, so they only get to eat on tiny areas of grass at a time. This is such a good idea though.Made of green mesh outdoor cat playpen is a great solution for domestic cats, who can spend their time outdoors in the open air. A simple form is convenient and very practical because you can take it everywhere.Outdoor Cat Playpen
It is a playpen for fun for the cat, which can be exposed to fresh air. Thanks to it, the cat can stay some time in the garden, but protected enough, that's not going anywhere. This is big importance, especially if we want our cat to be clean and associated only with the house.Rowdy, Coco and Toro, three North American black bears, were rescued by PrideRock Wildlife Refuge in Terrell Texas January 2016. They were raised in captivity in a sanctuary environment but had to be relocated due to the closure of the sanctuary. If the bears were not relocated, they would have faced euthanasia. So PrideRock came to the rescue, built a new enclosure specifically for the bears and gave them a new, peaceful home. Phase II of the enclosure is to build an outdoor play pen where the bears can be bears: their habitat will consist of pools, trees, platforms and plenty of room to romp around. We are beginning Phase II and thought we might want to see our progress. The PrideRock staff is anxiously awaiting the day Rowdy, Coco and Toro experience their all natural play pen for the first time.One of the biggest advantages of play pens is that they can be used in a similar fashion as crates. However, since they offer more space and freedom, play pens may be a great alternative for dogs who are not particularly fond of crates. Outdoor dog play pens may also be quite useful for dog owners who own yards lacking a fenced section. When using an outdoor play pen, puppies or dogs should never be left in direct sunlight because of the risk of overheating. Fresh water should always be available and the puppy should have a shaded area. Dry food may be preferable to canned as the latter tends to dry out quickly and spoil. However, expect critters to show up if your puppy does not eat its kibble right away.