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I've seen the Pedipaw commercial, but couldn't see why it would be better than a Dremel.
The Pedipaws comes with 3 sandpaper refills, so you get four in all. You can order more online. We paid 20 bucks for the Pedipaws at the Walgreen's on South Broadway in Tyler. We've never seen them in stores before, so hopefully this was the first batch headed to retailers near you.
Sep 9, 2008 - Pedipaws Complaint Review: TelebrandsPedipaws FRAUD Fairfield New Jersey Nationwide.
In this video, I review (well, I tried to anyway) the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer because it makes trimming my dog's claws so easy. Its fast and painless. I think my pup appreciates it too.

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So the PediPaw works, but it’s pretty mediocre result anyway! The guide only allows you to use a narrow band of the sanding head, so it wears out FAR too quickly, but much worse, it’s just powered by 2x C cell batteries. People keep saying the batteries wear out too quickly, but that’s not true, the batteries probably still have 80% of their capacity left when they become useless, but the voltage and amps required to spin the motor adequately, can’t be supplied by anything but brand new C batteries!They make it look so easy on TV. First it was Pedi-Paws, , the nail trimmer/grinder for dog nails, that made it as simple as 1-2-3 to easily trim your pet’s nails without fear of cutting the quick. You simply grab the paw, turn on the “grinder” and carefully insert your pet’s nail into the contraption. I swear that the dog on the television commercial was even smiling while getting this done. How hard can it be?As a veterinarian, it's very important to me that we don't cause pain. And it's very common when you do cut the nails, to cut it too short. With the Pedi-Pause, it guides you, so that you're not likely to cause any pain. Reporter Nydia Han puts the PediPaws nail trimmer to the test with a woman who owns two dogs and a pet spa owner, and neither are thrilled with the product. The dog owner says that the trimmer's buzzing noise doesn't bother her dogs, but they both refuse to sit still long enough for her to use it on them. The pet spa owner has better luck using PediPaws, but only recommends it for pet owners with a lot of time and very calm pets.Most customers, however, express disappointment with PediPaws because their pets are either frightened by the buzzing noise or will not sit still long enough for them to use it. Another common complaint is that if you put too much pressure on PediPaws' rotating filing head, it will stop working, making it less likely to work on the thicker nails of larger animals.Before using PediPaws™, spend some time to properly introduce the device to your pet. This will make using PediPaws™ much easier once it's time to begin filing. The following steps may be helpful in making your pet more comfortable with the PediPaws™: