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Easy Out Remote Control Pet Door Opener for Crates, pens and kennels
Important: During pet training while pet door is in Open Mode, make sure to GENTLY lower flap onto pet’s back. Also avoid possible injury by making sure your pet is entirely through the pet door opening, including paws and tail, before completely releasing flap.
The ultrasonic collar that comes with the Power Pet door also operates our Sound Barrier™ and Yard Barrier™ Sonic Fences
Helpful Tip: Use both hands to hold drill steady and straight at a 90° angle.
Helpful Tip: Before cutting pet door opening, apply painter’s or masking tape on jigsaw blade guide and along outer edges of drawn template to help protect door surface from marks and scratches during cutting.
Helpful Tip: Use proper saw blade length and type according to door thickness and material (for example a wood blade for a wood door and a metal blade for a metal door). Cut slowly using both hands to hold the saw steady and straight at a 90° angle. This will prevent the blade from cutting unevenly between interior and exterior sides of the door.
Helpful Tip: If cut piece does not fall out, check underside of door to make sure exterior side has been cut. INTRODUCING A FUN NEW 1ST OF A KIND PET PRODUCT WITH MANY BENEFICIAL USES, THE EASY OUT REMOTE PET DOOR OPENER!Remote Pet Door Opener Single Latch - Pet Stuff WarehouseEasyOut Remote Pet Door Opener - Monell Pets
PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System), is a very unique technology offered only by High Tech Pet. Our MS-4 and MS-5 ultrasonic pet collars that operate the Power Pet door also operate our Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic pet fences. You can give your pet access to his personal automatic door while keeping him out of restricted areas such as couches, beds and furniture out of a bedroom away from trash cans and flower beds all with a single electronic pet collar. Our RX-10 universal Super Collar operates our High Tech Pet invisible electronic pet fence and electronic Radio Scram Mat. You can configure a complete electronic dog door, barrier, scram mat, and electronic fence system all controlled by a single pet collar. And, it's as simple as putting a collar on your pet. - Making your pets happier and making your life easier. Now that's High Tech for Pets!Your pet wears a small magnetic (no batteries) called a Pet Tag, that is key ringed to the pet’s collar buckle. When your pet moves in front of the pet door (3 feet away), the Pet Tag will trigger the pet door to open automatically! You can control how far away the door opens. The range is from 1 foot to 3 feet away. You can also control how long the door stays open, from 1 second to 12 seconds. The Pet Door opens in an up & down sliding motion. For OBVIOUS SAFETY reasons, the door descends SLOWLY by GRAVITY ONLY, in a safe and gentle way so not to hurt the smallest pet. Only the upward opening motion is motorized. You can be assured that after 23 years building Solo Pet Doors, it has never hurt a single pet. We love animals as much as you do!The automatic pet door was invented and patented in 1986 in Billings, Montana by Solo Pet Doors, where the cold weather and heat prompted the need for a pet door with greater weather sealing, and to assist small pets access without pushing a heavy or awkward flap pet door. Many pets are afraid of pushing a door or flap to go outside. Solo Pet Doors open up and down automatically by itself.All automatic pet door models have sensors that pick up a signal from a small transmitter on your dog or cat's collar. Only when the signal is received will an automatic pet door open.→ Hi Tech Power Pet Collar tags are ultra-Sonic and can FALSELY open the pet door from up to 20 feet away if your floor is tile, hard wood, Linoleum, or any hard flooring. Since the sonic ultra-sound BOUNCES off surfaces, it will create false activation causing the pet door to open.If you live in an area where heavy winds are prevalent, both the Plexidor and High Tech automatic pet door lines are completely windproof. These collar activated pet doors will open only if a signal is received from the transmitter on your dog or cat's collar. This also means that animals that don't belong inside your home won't be able to get in.