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As an example, take a look at created by Petfinder staffer Brent. If you love it as much as I do, you can vote by giving it five cheeseburgers. Encourage your friends to submit adoptable cats, and more importantly, encourage them to vote on the great Petfinder cats in the gallery so more people (think potential adopters!) will see them on the homepage.
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Petfinder staff talk about our pets … a lot. So it wasn’t a big surprise that my recent post about my cat Mojo’s sneaky suitcase sitting turned into a comparison of all the weird places Petfinder cats like to sit. Pretty soon cat-sitting-in-weird-place photos were showing up everywhere. The conversation … Did you recently adopt a cat or are thinking about adopting onecat breeds available for adoption on PetfinderBreed Note: Many of these pets are mixes