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Most pet stores carry hamsters, which are likely obtained from breeders or pet mills, Paul said
I have another new 13 week old RCD hamster who came from the same company as Cinnamon Bear but a different store. He is very fearful and is taking a long time to adjust to his new home although he is adjusting, just very slowly. It could be that different pet store hamsters have rougher experiences than other pets even though they are all from farms. Also, it could be the personality of the hamster as to how fearful they are in adjusting to your home. I like the idea of rescuing older hamsters from a shelter to give them some love in their lives. There are so many sad situations with hamsters not having a good home. People have placed little value on the life of a hamster. Hopefully someday that will change!
If its a pet store hamster, or from a breeder or rescuer, it is still a hamster, so it still deserves proper care.
Like people have said above, breeding pet store hamsters introduces a mass of problems. Pet stores get their hamsters from hamster mills, which, like puppy mills, cruelly imbreed and simply breed without knowing what they're doing. The result is a line of hamsters who have deformities, both physical like missing limbs, and mentally, for example, I've seen hamsters and mice in pet stores running around in constant circles, a sad result of a neurological problem because of irresponsible breeding. Best Pet stores, hamsters in Los Angeles, CA - YelpPet store hamsters or no? - Hamster Debate - Hamster Hideout ForumPet store hamsters are simply bred for quantity
In summary, being USDA licensed does not mean those hamsters are of a higher quality than any other hamsters. In fact, most of the hamsters you find at Petco, Petsmart, etc. are hamsters from these USDA licensed breeders. These are the hamsters you are getting. Thus, I would be just as wary as you are of pet store hamsters. It is always the same rule: Let the buyer beware! Don't rely on anyone -- the breeder or an outside organization -- to tell you what a quality hamster is. Learn about hamsters yourself, and make your own decision. Handle the hamster before buying, and make sure it meets your needs.Most pet stores carry hamsters, which are likely obtained from breeders or pet mills, Paul said. Instead of starting your pet hamster search at a pet store, Paul advises prospective owners to go to a small animal rescue for a healthy hamster that needs a home. Too often, hamsters purchased at a pet store working with a pet mill turn out to be pregnant or sick and their owners, unable to care for them as a result, will bring them to a small animal rescue. A common ailment pet-store hamsters have is diarrhea, known as “wet tail,” which can be fatal to hamsters and must be treated immediately, Paul said.Informative - why do they even sell tubing or hamster balls then? Why do pet stores sell hamsters together (allow people to buy them together) when they’ll kill each other? Maybe in US They handle hams. And yes I'm talking about SPCA. Well, I've seen that SOME shelters handle their hams, but even though Saskatoon SPCA (My favourite SPCA ever! ) let me handle him, Wally the Syrian kept going in his tubes I've just never seen a friendly shelter ham before, but that's just my personal experience. And I CAN"T tame hamsters!! It took me a YEAR to tame Misha!! (hes a pet store hamster) And taming Lightning is FAR beyond my ability.Pet store hamsters don't necessarily have more health complications. I bought 3/4 of my hamsters from a pet store, and 2/3 were perfectly fine! I personally don't like adopting, because And, it's really hard to find hamsters for adoption, and when you do,they won't be very tame.I personally don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to buy from a pet store, but that one should really check around for hamsters/animals in need from shelters/craigslist/ect before they look in the pet store. As bad as some pet stores are, most hamsters are guaranteed food, water and shelter from the pet stores. Some hamsters that are given away by people who "Don't play with them anymore" may not even be guaranteed to have even actual hamster food. Pet store hamsters also have a better chance of having vet care, I think- the hamsters are the 'stock' of any decent pet stores. Selling or having sick or injured hamsters makes the stores lose money.