The Ultimate Pet Zapper used to be called Pet Zapper v.2

See these convenient Pet Zapper contact pads in use on a young puppy in this video:
But until someone designs a proper pet plate type zapper, most pet owners (especially cat owners--which as I said earlier, cats are the big carriers) have to resort to wormers like Panacur Favourites (round worm and tape worm wormers) we have to get from the vet or pharmacies which don't kill other types of parasites or viruses like the zapper would.
Our new Pet Zapper pads are designed for easy use with the AutoZap 5 zapper:
I wrote to Bruce and I ordered the pet zapper collar. I have included it on my info sheet THE ONLY PET PARASITE PROGRAM THAT WILL WORK FOR ALL CATS, for lack of a title. The Pet Zapper was run by   called  in .UPDATE: I FOUND A PET ZAPPER COLLAR ! SINCE MY LAST POSTING: PET ZAPPER COLLAR:HERE'S ONE FOR PETS: IT'S A PET COLLAR ZAPPER
Hi AutoZap 5, Love your product! We use it all the time . . . on ourselves, our kids, pets, food, water, and even friends ask for sessions when they come over. A number of friends have bought one for themselves. It’s a beautiful piece of technology! CH Related posts: Using the Zappicator on Drinking…Hi, Thanks so much for the pet zappers! I just have to tell you what happened this morning. Our little 2-year-old Scottish Terrier/Havanese cross, Winston, started coughing and couldn’t stop. This went on for about 2 hours. I thought that he had swallowed something that he shouldn’t have and was getting a little concerned so…Hi Arthur, I’ve been looking on your site for info about zappicating pets. Saw the video of you talking about zapping them using the straps. My niece’s golden retriever has been giving parasites to family members, including me. I got rid of them by zappicating, and have been zappicating the others. A couple years ago… (I am the mother of 6 children, a cattery owner and a Restauranteer) and our health is improved now. I have 2 precious cats who have this and some kittens born to one of them and I am not going to put them down. My proposal to you is, if you will build your little Zapper with a collar or harness you will get hundreds of orders for them. Also a thought might be the foot pads inside a small petcrate (What do you think?). I have written articles for pet magazines and have tons of animal lover friends, not to mention the breeders alone. My Vet is my good friend (we are in Bible fellowship class together) and would recommend this to her clients to treat this infection.Answer: Pets and their fur is the greatest challenge in zapping your pet properly. Often the fur is thick and the zapper contacts do not access the pet’s skin through the fur.Some pets can be obtained by items, such as the which requires an to be planted. The and are not so much "limited" as they are 'mistakes' from the , the Swampie being the most common zap. With this unit we would be able to provide supremely healthy pets to our clients and education to the common person. You would be the first that I know of to do this for pets. You could call it "Pet ParaZapinator". So, picture this: I'm adjusting some of the inner mechanics of the zapper, because, hey, continuing to be the one and only Ultimate Pet Zapper takes work. It's your normal science and mechanical stuff, all wrenches and, uh... screwdrivers. That's what they're called, right? After a couple hours of making changes that did not, in any way, involve me losing a bunch of zapper bits and pieces, I've got things running around.

Honestly, as far as experiments go, these minions are pretty much a failure. They're little and don't drip enough at all, but I guess some of you may like them. I'm not just going to hand them out, of course, but if you come by the you may get lucky and have your pet's boring old minion turned into one of these brand new not-as-boring ones.