My petite Goldendoodle puppy Harley :)

Cockapoo,and F1B Petite Labradoodle puppies IN OUR HOME in Western Wisconsin.
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Medium, Mini & Petite Goldendoodle Puppies for sale in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.
If you ever did research into buying puppies you would no that no ethical breeder would ever sell puppies to a puppy store to sell. The puppies ALWAYS come from puppy mills. So here you’re giving this woman publicity and she perpetuates puppy mills. Do a story on puppy mills instead. That would get people watching. Did you ever see Oprah’s report on them? Medium, Mini & Petite Goldendoodle Puppies for sale in Iowa, Illinois and see photos and read reports from our families with XS Petite Goldendoodle Puppies!to see photos and read reports from our families with Petite Goldendoodle Puppies!
We produce our Petite puppies with the same wonderful characteristics of our Minis, we just get the smaller size by pairing different parents together. for multigen mini/petite Goldendoodle puppies (petite multi-gen red/apricot/gold Goldendoodles - mom is approx. 25 lbs and dad is 20 lbs) - DOB: 7/23/2016. First litter for Piper. Ready to go home September 17th and 18th.In order to achieve a Petite Goldendoodle puppy that will grow to be a truly smaller Goldendoodle adult, we found it necessary to first have a smaller, breeding female that could pair naturally with a Miniature Poodle. In the beginning, we first used artificial insemination to produce litters of smaller Goldendoodles with a smaller, purebred Golden Retriever female and a Miniature Poodle sire. This procedure can result in totally missing conception and failure to produce a litter; or small litters of 2-3 puppies; OR a litter of puppies that has a high percentage of puppies that will grow up to be as large as the Golden Retriever mother dog (not a "miniature" anything in size, only in name!)This store is advertised online as puppy petite puppies for sale. There's a video of the puppies in a house, also on NJ newspaper. I call and a guy by the name ** give $550.00 dollars price for a female yorkshire terrier. When I ask about the puppy's age, health, he told me that his wife knows about it. I ask for her number, she didn't answer. I call couple times his number, he even sent me pictures of the puppies. And when I got there, it was a surprise for me. It was a store. Of course he wasn't there. Ruby, Pearl , Julie, Guichy and ZsaZsa are our "downsized" Petite Golden Retrievers. These females are bred with Bogey, our lovely and sweet, male Miniature Poodle, to produce the Petite and Medium Petite Goldendoodles. The Petite Goldendoodle puppies should be 25-35 lbs. when grown. Medium Petites are expected to be 35-40 lbs. Our Bogey is delightfully sweet, smart and loves adults and children. Bogey and the Comforts are all trained on basic commands and learned quickly to sit, stay, and come. They are well-mannered dogs that are not yappy or hyperactive.
A few days later I saw on the news a cage of Maltese puppies were found in Brooklyn abandoned .. It looked to me the same dogs the same cage and the same way they use shredded white paper with a baby blanket in there .. Plus they were already on the news a few yrs. ago for selling sick dogs. And the business has multiple names Puppy Boutique .. Puppy Petite .. NYC Puppy, etc. this woman Rachel the owner treats them like they're not puppies. She just flings them in the cages like its a stuffed toy .. This place really needs to be checked into why do these pups have to suffer just so she can make money. All the puppies were from the same place in MO. How can it not be a puppy mill?