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Have a designated pig-friendly room that can be closed off when necessary. Your pig's crate also should be kept in this room -- pigs can be crate trained like dogs. Provide a sleeping area for your pig with some washable blankets and pillows, or even sleeping bags. Some pigs also like to sleep with their owners. Because pigs are so smart, they need lots of activities to keep them entertained. Pigs enjoy any toy that involves food, such as a pet ball with treats inside that they can push and chase around the house. Many piggies enjoy shredding up pieces of paper. A rooting box will also give your pig pal a place to let out her natural urge to root. A shallow wooden box containing stones or hay with some healthy treats mixed in like air-popped popcorn will keep your portly pal occupied while inside.
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Get ready for the long haul. There is no reason to rush, as rushing will simply spook the pig and put stress on everyone. Pigs respond well to calm and slow. Preparations will include a plan of action, plenty of food, an area of containment (such as hog panels and t posts), as well as a method of transport. Large pieces of plywood, pallets, or sorting boards that can be used as a chute to guide the pig into a crate or to corner a pig. Depending on the size of the pig, transport may be done with a large plastic dog kennel or a small livestock trailer. Also bring extra water for hydration and cooling off. The excursion may be very exhausting for all involved, particularly the scared pig. A bucket may be used to cool off an overheated pig or to back a pig into a kennel. Food will be the driving force behind this adventure. Portable 33" Dog Pet Cat Playpen Kennel Crate Cage Exercise Guinea Pig Puppy 33 inches Tent HouseGuinea pig cage from Dog cratekeyword dog crate crate kennel kennels cage cages cat cats duck ducks pig pigs bird birds small animals
Rooting Box: This is a great indoor activity. Appropriate items for a rooting box are ANYTHING safe, big enough to not swallow, not sharp, ect. Many use play pit balls, river rocks, large stones, stuffed animals, an assortment of toys, blankets, newspaper, anything your pig can search through will work fine. For the box itself, it can be an actual wooden frame, a plastic tub small kiddy pools work great, some people put the rooting objects into a dog crate to keep things contained.pigs are SMART, they learn quickly how to open things from the freezer drawer to the dog food container to your closet and clothes cdrawers, because of this intelligence they get bored very quicky...and a bored pig is a DESTRUCTIVE pig...you cannot keep an adult mini pig in a wire (or plastic) dog crate, even a 25lb pig is strong enough to break the welds quickly and break free...those snouts are designed to DIG, and dig they will they il rip out your carpet scratch up and chew your hardwoods and even destroy ceramic tile...its just instinct.The pig needs his own crate and blankets so he can have his own home and burrow into the blankets at night, IMO. Mine was potty trained but missed the pan alot and it would spill onto the rug so that's something, too. He was smarter than any dog about food and knew every single place in my store to find it and spent all day doing so LOL. He also knocked an employee off his stool when he was eating McDonalds and grabbed the sandwich and ran away. We were dying laughing. He was not that "mini".This has been so useful! I’ve been assuming we will leave our mini in a kennel/ crate while we are at work, just like we do for our dog. Do you feel that will be okay, or will be pig be overly bored in the small space?pigs are NEEDY...not in the dog or cat kind of way but in the mental stimulation kind of way, they crave stimulation, theiy would spend their days digging for food and grazing and pigs naturally travel great distances daily...so again we come back to bored pig is a destrictive pig.When a trap is not feasible, a large dog crate can be used. Place food in the far back of the crate and leave the door wide open. You’ll need to stay nearby for this approach as the door must be manually closed to contain the pig. A rope can be tied to the door to give you a bit of a quicker response in closing the door, although beware this will cause the pig to startle and bolt. Without the door latched the pig may be able to charge out of the kennel.