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Pitbull Wire Muzzle - Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Pitbull - M9
If the dog is aggressive or attends attack training sessions, it'sbetter to choose one of the . It's recommended to use them when thetemperature is above 0, otherwise the dog's tongue or skin may stickto the wire cage. In order to avoid this situation you may buyPitbull WireCage Muzzle with heat insulation material. However, the Muzzles ofthe kind are heavy enough and their usage is recommended only inexceptional cases. The front wire netting (it may also bedouble) has ,though sometimes it t. Ifyou decided to buy Wire Cage Muzzle with front netting, please, makesure that the bars of the netting are vertical. In this case therewill be almost no risk that the animal may break the teeth againstit. It should be also mentioned, that have one disadvantage. When beingaggressive and hitting, the dog may hurt not only the person orobject, the aggression is aimed at, but also himself. As wealready have mentioned, Wire Cage Muzzles are meant for large andaggressive breeds.
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