SC Johnsons Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Pledge pet hair remover and fabric sweeper reviews {on Stain Removal 101}
With sticky roller sheets, you can go through a lot of sheets. One Pledge Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets before needing emptied!
Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper Dog & Cat Roller Remover ~ Reusable ~ NEW! | eBay
Rubber brooms like this are a staple in doggy daycare for their strong hair-gathering ability. The sweeper version of the is effective on several surfaces, so you can de-hair the carpeted living room and the tiled kitchen in one go, and the long handle means you can work the pet hair out of your rugs from a standing position. SC Johnson Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, 3 CountI purchased a Pledge Fabric Sweeper to help clean up pet hair in my house.After I got the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, I filled it up with pet hair within 3 days of getting it.
Denise found the directions simple … and the process even easier. Even in the areas where there was very little hair, their Fabric Sweeper was able to get the offending hair off the sofa. Denise noticed the best part of the product was that there is a clear bubble in which you can see where the hair is being collected.Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper
List: $4.99
Price Cut: $4.59
Final Price: $3.09For animal enthusiasts who dislike animal hair left on furnishings after your animal leaves their comfortable position, Pledge products by Johnson and Boy Inc. has actually brought out a simple and quick way to get rid of feline and pet dog hair. Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Animal Hair is a long-term, multi-use non reusable hair sweeper. Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is a plastic included hair remover home appliance with two rollers on the underside. No have to have pet hair touch your skin anymore, like when you utilize lint brushes and need to clean them off. The $6 Pledge Fabric Sweeper claims it can quickly and easily pick up pet hair. Consumer Reports' tester Bernie Deitrick, who owns a dog and two cats, tested it out to see it in action. Pledge Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair (2 Pack) 3 choices New Quick & Easy Selection of 2 Rainshower Scent or 2 Pledge Fabric Sweepers or both Sweepers When there's a lot of hair, you may have to stop and remove it, but it's easy to do, so on the whole, Consumer Reports says the Pledge Fabric Sweeper cleans up pet hair quickly and easily. He compared the Pledge Fabric Sweeper to three Scotch products - its regular lint roller, the pet hair roller and the Scotch Fur Fighter hair remover with removable sheets. The quickly and easily picks up pet hair from upholstered furniture, pillows and cushions or car interiors. And since it’s self-cleaning, there are no refills to buy or cleaning out that you need to do. You simply slide it from side to side in short strokes and when it’s full (no longer picks up hair), you simply throw it away. According to the , “One Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets”.