Important Information- Pond Chemicals

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Remember: Pond algae and pond weeds grow because there's excessive nutrients and sunlight in the water. Nutrients are from sludge, muck, fallen leaves, etc. When you get at the root of the problem and decompose or remove these nutrients, your pond algae will become less of a problem. Using a lot of pond chemicals are not good for your pond as they are always altering your water chemistry and the dead algae and pond weeds on the bottom of the pond add to the nutrients that are already there which is feeding your unwanted algae and pond weeds and causing them to grow. As with most things in life - get at the root of the problem. For this case, reduce the nutrients by adding pond cleaning bacteria (available in several sizes) which is completely safe and very effective at getting rid of unwanted wastes, sludge and muck, etc.
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There are also that are now being offered on the market. They use natural bacteria and enzymes to treat their ponds. A pond conditioner combined with pond aeration or with a windmill aeration system is an ideal combination to ensure the healthy of your pond and avoid the use of dangerous pond chemicals. Pond Chemicals Will Help Control Algae in Your Pond. In order to keep Koi...Some pond chemicals are in fact toxic and in most states the person applying them to the pond requires a local application permit.Always refer to manufacturers' instructions when using pond-care / fountain-care chemicals to ensure they're safe for plants and animals.
He is a new pond of owner of just six months and so he really did not know the potential dangers that ponds could pose. During the summer months he saw some algae growing in the pond and so he decided to treat it with a pond chemical. Well, he treated it alright and he ended up breathing in some of the copper sulphate that he used to treat it with. This fellow ended up being rushed to the hospital and was on a respirator for almost a week.When you are looking for a pond cleaner, you can generally choose between chemicals and non-chemical (natural) pond cleaners. Pond “chemicals” are traditional algaecides and herbicides used to control the growth of algae and other weeds in pond or lake water. While these pond cleaners are effective in killing, they do nothing to prohibit future problems, as they are simply curative in nature. So although they can help to solve existing pond problems, they treat only the symptoms, and will not treat the underlying causes of quality problems such as build up of bottom-sludge (muck), decaying plant wastes, excess problem nutrients, and lack of water circulation. In addition, pond chemicals can actually worsen pond problems overtime. On the other hand, “natural” pond cleaners are non-toxic, safe and effective pond supplies. These environmentally friendly products can be used to fix major pond problems that are the actual source problem, not the symptoms, that lead to typical water quality problems. Therefore, natural pond cleaners are about prevention and promoting an overall healthy pond environment and balanced eco-system. While natural pond cleaners may take longer to address water quality problems, they provide a final solution compared to the use of chemicals. They also promote a healthy, natural pond environment, not destroy it. All-natural pond cleaners do not contain harsh chemicals and are safe for humans and wildlife including fish, animals, plants, irrigation water and turffgrass. Because these natural pond care products are safe and non-toxic, they are ideal for use in irrigation ponds and ornamental ponds on golf courses, country clubs and resorts.Pond Chemicals can be vary dangerous and if one decides to use them on his pond then one needs to read the instructions closely and be careful not to breath in any of the chemicals. Perhaps before treating a pond with a highly toxic pond chemical we should look at alternative ways to clean up algae and maintain a healthy pond.Aug 5, 2013 – Many pond owners are resorting to various pond chemical treatments to deal with the issue of pond algae. Copper has been used for many years as an effective algaecide to treat farm and residential ponds.