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Users could sign up for the emails as either scoopers or poopers (the lazy dog owners snapping pics of their dogs’ poop)–and the signups revealed to the fake app’s creators just how dire life is for many people in our country. “About 70% were for scooper positions, which was kind of surprising to us, considering it is maybe the most demeaning job ever,” Glass says.
POOPER SCOOPER SERVICE FOR DOGS: Most people don't like cleaning up their dog's poop
Local Owners: Mike and Lois Gorman

We are proud to be new members of the DoodyCalls family. When we found DoodyCalls we thought the match was perfect! We love dogs and have been very involved with rescues and dog showing!

Mike has been a greenskeeper, golf professional, and most recently an IT professional. Lois has been an office manager, human resources manager, and a stay at home mother. We have lived in the Sacramento area for the past 20 years. Our children have been lucky enough to grow up here and go to the local schools. We have been involved in showing dogs for 11 years and are active in the local English Setter Rescue.

Through DoodyCalls we hope to provide our clients with additional free time and spotless yards to enjoy year-round! Our service is professional, affordable, and friendly. We greatly value and appreciate all of our clients and always go out of our way to make them happy. We stand by our no questions asked. If you are ever not satisfied with a cleaning we will re-clean your yard within 24 hours. We provide our service to residential households, home owners associations (HOAs), condominiums, parks, play grounds and more. We want to keep all of Pacer clean one scoop at a time!

Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to having the opportunity to show you the quality service we provide. We want to be your super duper pooper scoopers. We look forward to helping you keep your yard clean, safe, and healthy. After all, we are proud to be #1 at the business of #2. Pooper Scooper Services For Dogs and PetsPooBagger: Buy Best Pooper Scooper with Bags for Dogs Online8 Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs - The Buzz Digger
Most people don’t like cleaning up their dog’s poop. In fact it can be dangerous if you are not careful . Ever slip in a pile of dog poop? Whether for residential or commercial, and no matter what type of animal you have, we can scoop them all. For all other animals including horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, snakes, etc. please give us a call so we can discuss your needs. They all poop so we scoop them all. Just contact us today.Do you have a charity, company, or organization event that pets will be at in Minneapolis or that you don’t want people to watch where they step? Never fear Minneapolis POOP 911 is here to help with all the pet waste cleanup needs. We have done numerous pet events for the Minneapolis SPCA and other large Minneapolis pet or dog organizations and are well equipped to handle your pooper scooper needs. Our courteous and friendly poop scooper staff will be outfitted in professional uniforms and patrol the area of your event to make sure it is a fun and clean area for all to enjoy including the dogs! If your pet or dog event is in the Minneapolis area we can help!

So if you are looking for pet or dog waste removal and cleanup services, Minneapolis POOP 911 is the pooper scooper service for you! We always send a uniformed, thorough, friendly, and insured pet waste removal technician to clean your yard. We walk your yard in a careful grid pattern to ensure nothing is overlooked! You don’t have to be home when we provide service, and we offer many payment options that are convenient and will save you money. Our pet waste removal technicians always carefully sanitize their tools using a vet-approved method to prevent spread of illnesses between dogs. We also leave a bright yellow door hanger before leaving. We back all of our service with our . If you are ever not satisfied with a cleaning we will return to clean your yard for free! Call today to experience why we are Austin’s super duper pooper scoopers!As a pet owner, you can eliminate this filthy chore by utilizing one of these affordable and professional, New Mexico dog waste pickup and removal services listed for free here. If you’ve never considered this service, I think you will be quite surprised and impressed just how smooth and well taken care of your dogs “unmentionables” will be after signing up for this unique pet service. Consider this pooper scooper service also for any of your relatives or friends that are physically or mentally impaired and simply struggle to keep up with maintaining a pleasant yard for their dogs and family. This unique service really makes for a fitting gift to a dog owner as well as others who no longer can or want to pick up after their dogs. To say this is becoming a popular service around the country would be an understatement.