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I have used all types of potty pads, fake grass and the real grass you can grow inside. It all depends on the dog and the size. I don't have a preference for the older smaller dogs that do understand the difference between inside and outside. I do prefer the typical potty pads for dogs who will go to the bathroom outside as well inside on the potty pad. Now the real grass is harder, because typically with males (who lift up their legs) will miss the grass and start peeing on the floor or the side of the grass. Which tends to begin a bad behavior of peeing indoors. The real grass is only good, for me that is, for very small dogs who have a hard time being potty trained and also live in a very cold climate. Just so they can start learning that grass is the only spot they can pee on. Now it helps to have the real grass but it does tend to become very smelly after a while and you will end up throwing away the grass a lot sooner then it says for the product. This is just my personal opinion. Good luck on your choice!
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Is your house one big doggie bathroom? Are you tired of cleaning and replacing carpets and furniture? Sounds like it's time for the Potty Patch. Now dogs have a safe and clean place to relieve themselves. The Potty Patch will eliminate frequent accidents on carpets, hardwood floors and furniture. Specially scented faux sod has the look and feel of real grass and attracts dogs when it's time for them to go. The elevated turf drains into the base, keeping it odor free. Grate keeps the grass dry and above any liquid. Collection tray holds up to a gallon of liquid allowing multiple uses. At the end of the day simply empty the base into the toilet and clean with soap and water. The Potty Patch is ideal for apartments, cold weather climates, college students with pets and dogs who are left at home all day. No more rushing home to take your dog out. The Potty Patch is great for outdoor patios, balconies and concrete areas. Ideal for apartment buildings; no more waiting on elevators or rushing down flights of stairs for an urgent potty situation. Eliminate finding unexpected surprises around the house. You can even use disposable puppy pads in the tray for easy disposal. Simply place disposable pads (sold separately) in the tray and place the grate over the pad. Helpful Hints:Keep Potty Patch in the same location When training, use positive reinforcement while dog is on the grass Check tray contents regularly, tray will hold up to one gallon Keep Potty Patch clean and clear of debris Clean your Potty Patch as needed Grass patch is cut from a large roll and may fray at the edges; this is normal and will eventually stop as it slightly recedes from the edge. The large size comes with a tray in 2 pieces that snap together and includes one large grass patch Shop for As Seen on TV Potty Pad Indoor Dog BathroomX-Large Potty Pad - Indoor Doggie Bathroom Just $29.95X-Large Potty Pad - Indoor Doggie Bathroom only $29.95
The Mini Pee Wee dog potty indoor or outdoor grass dog toilet that is your pets bathroom. The reusable grass is safe, clean replaces dog pee pads and is great for puppy training.