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Powerseal is an international company with distribution facilities around the world.
PowerSeal is the first pipeline accessories manufacturer in the waterworks industry capable of manufacturing Repair Clamps, Couplings, Saddles and Tapping Sleeves in a LEED-certified facility. The LEED certification is the latest example of PowerSeal’s internal environmental improvement efforts that set the standard for the industry.
No matter your motor sport, PowerSeal USA will address all of your cylinder needs. Our products and capabilities include:
Every part received at PowerSeal USA is meticulously handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. We treat your cylinder like it is our own. This includes the initial inspection and evaluation for the correct repair procedures, the preparation work prior to plating, customizing the plating parameters, and the post-plate finish work. The craftsmanship is evident. Power Seal offers both residential driveway sealcoating as well as commercial parking lot sealcoating and line striping service.PowerSeal USAPower Crest (also known as Power Seal in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in  and . Effects vary between games.
As a family-owned and operated business, we know how important your home is to you. Power Seal Driveway Sealing has been making Central New Yorkers happy to come home since 1997. Sealing your driveway doesn’t just make it look better, it protects the asphalt and helps reduce the chance of needing to repave the entire driveway.Job turn around time and prices for Power Seal are the most competitive in the Syracuse market. If you’re looking for a quote, we know you’ll be pleased with what Power Seal has to offer.Questions about your driveway? Tom Juno, owner and manager, works every job site to make sure Power Seal customers are more than pleased with the results of their work.There are many cast iron and aluminum cylinders with steel/cast liners in use today. PowerSeal USA offers a choice of upgrade and repair solutions for these.Power Seal Driveway Sealing has experience with both residential and commercial driveways and parking lots. Your driveway and parking lot are the first things that your clients and business partners learn about you. From crack filling to asphalt repairs, sealing to line painting. A simple touch up to your lot can go a long way in appearances.PowerSeal USA can also recondition the cast aluminum cylinders plated with chrome from the 1970s and 1980s. Most OEMs have since abandoned use of chrome bores in favor of the superior thermal properties and reduced environmental impact of nickel silicon carbide. PowerSeal USA will strip the chrome from the aluminum casting and replace it with NikaSeal, honed to the proper diameter and surface finish.A NikaSeal layer can be applied to existing steel/cast bores. This technology has saved many cylinders that are worn beyond available overbore piston sizes. Additionally, the NikaSeal layer provides a harder, better lubricating, and longer lasting wear surface than the existing steel/cast iron bore. PowerSeal USA has developed and refined this manufacturing process to ensure the best adhesion in the most difficult applications.PowerSeal Pipeline Products Corporation was formed in 1985 when assets of the Special Products Division of the Clow Corporation were purchased by Edward J. Powers, a vice president and twenty-five year employee of Clow.