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A week after she was found shot in the face, Precious the cat was home with her kittens.
October 15, 2013
Can you see a beautiful Birman Cat? This is Rocky when Precious Pets Adoption League rescued him!
This S.O.S. email was sent by Sheila: "Saturday we got an adult cat, that was dropped off at the store (PETCO]. He is in very bad shape, was found in a wood pile. I have never seen such compacted hair, he is a beauty, and his long hair, is in the worst shape, I have ever seen...I feel personally, that this situation may be life or death. It is extreme, trust me.
I tried to cut out the worst of the snarls, but couldn't go further. He is in pain. He also has pale gums, and is likely anemic. Long story short, we don't have money to take him, to be anesthetized and shaved, and whatever else he may need."
Precious Pets Adoption League volunteer Lisa took the cat to Eastpointe Animal Hospital. It turned out that this cat was starving for about 3 weeks. The doctor told Lisa, that he absolutely would die, without bladder surgery. She had no choice, if she wanted to save Rocky's life, but to proceed, with the surgery. After the emergency bladder procedure, shaving matted hair, and immediate life support care in the hospital the doctor was giving only 50/50 chance for Rocky's survival.

Schaefer is the niece of Lorna Spencer, who has adopted Precious the cat.
Update July 2016 Precious Pets Adoption League
We just celebrated the 100th freedom flight of dogs [and a few cats] from Puerto Rico to Michigan and we will continue to rescue more stray and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico with the help of our partner rescue there! We have dogs from Puerto Rico available for adoption. All of them are READY for their forever homes in Michigan! They are wonderful dogs that were originally living on the street or in bad conditions before they were rescued. Some have suffered terrible abuse. Here is a photo of some dogs and a cat being transported to Michigan from Puerto Rico [we will attach transport photos of the current dogs ASAP]. Scroll through the dog listings above to see our available dogs, including the ones from Puerto Rico, or click above where it says to "See ALL OUR ADOPTABLE PETS" to see all of our adoptable dogs and cats. For more information about the Precious Cat Products' Shelter Program visit .Precious the cat.Cat of the Week – PRECIOUS
Precious demonstrates to younger cats how to pounce on a mouse toy, how to "catch" that pesky laser dot once and for all, and he also teaches them that fingers and toes are not chew toys.Precious the Siamese cat's constant peeing is coming between her owner and her owner's boyfriend. Can Jackson save the day? | For more My Cat From Hell, visit

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Check out Jackson's YouTube channel! | It sounds like Precious just turned up at your house as a stray and that you decided you wanted to keep her. If so then she is a very lucky lady in deed. I do think cats know where o go where they will be looked after. I think they have a special sense about these things. One of my first cats did this; she just turned up one night in a storm and just never left us again. My dad used to say that he thought there was a big invisible sign above our house saying cat home, all welcome. The adventures of Precious, the cat, through sixteen years as an office assistant, wedding hostess, tourist, comforter of the sick and the aged, and the center of attention wherever she went. Catalyst: The principal shows up at Precious’s apartment building. Even though Precious refuses her entrance, the principal delivers the name and address of an alternative school. Now it’s up to Precious to attend — or not.After my meeting, I went to talk with a very unhappy Linda. All she wanted to do was go back to bed. Lunch time was approaching, so I stayed and had lunch with her, hoping to generate a bit of enthusiasm. I pretty much had to feed her as I would a very small child. While there, one of the staff came up to inform Linda that they would have to find another place for the cat. Linda agreed. Knowing that the "other place" for the cat would be the local pound, sight unseen, I offered to take care of Precious until she got better. Very much hoping that she would get better. I informed Linda and the Staff that I would be back the next day with the cat carrier.