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Just as it says, the all-wood dog gates are made completely out of wood (because some dog owners dislike having metal or plastic gates in the house). There are different types of all-wood gates, most of which include the specifics already mentioned above. If you're concerned about having your dog gates made completely out of wood, then this type will fit you right. Most importantly, you can find all those previously mentioned dog gates in “wood-only” category.
Repurposed dog gates
These are by far the most common dog gates purchased by dog owners. These gates usually have a wooden frame with either plastic or wire mesh to keep your dog from getting through. They also can be all plastic and sometimes metal. Pressure mounted dog gates are spread out to the width of your doorway and then easily locked in place. They are lightweight which makes them very easy to carry, setup, or put away as well as very inexpensive starting at around $15 U.S. Site full of pretty dog gates!Site full of pretty dog gatesRestrict the movement of your pets with the Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Pet Gate I
These are impressive dog gates for stairs that I have grown to really like so much. It is crucial that the item be able to secure and protect the pet and have an exceptionally low price tag also. The sooner you get this product while the selling price is low, the better. I really like these Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate. I desired a top notch product around the house and these are wonderful. After waiting a month to get the thing mainly because it was back-ordered, I finally got to try out my item. I love this item! There are many things that I like about this. The price is just amazingly affordable.This type of pet gates is called pressure-mounted because of the method used to install the gates. Unlike other types of barriers and barricades, pressure mounted dog gates do not require any actual mounting of hardware, no need to drill through walls, or put in screws and ruin your home decor. These gates actually are very sturdy and stable, and they stay in place because of the tension, which is normally achieved through adjusting a knob on the dog gate. You can easily move these gates around your house without any trouble and whenever you need to. Normally, these gates are considered the easiest to install.This type is also easy to adjust so you can use it with different door frames of different sizes in your home. Most pressure mounted dog gates are around 24” high and can extend from about 26-42” depending on the brand. When purchasing one make sure that you buy a model which has bumpers which are advertised as non-marking, as you don’t want your gate to leave marks on your door frame. Keep in mind that while this type of dog gate is simple and easy to remove, you don’t remove it every time you enter or leave the room, you step over it instead.