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There are some pretty cleverly-designed litter boxes for us cat owners if we don’t like the boring old plastic box or need something a little more fancy for those of us who keep the litter box in a room where it can be seen, including some that take almost all the work out of cat box duty.
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While the Luuup does accomplish allowing cats to not feel trapped, due to it’s open top, Galaxy also suggests that cats prefer litter boxes that are located in “socially significant areas”—which, again, means not pushed into the far corner of a dark room. Some cat owners looking to follow this suggestion to improve litter box behavior might be less inclined purchase Luuup, as the lid-less litter box does keep your pet’s waste within view. If you’d like to try Luuup, but want litter to be less visible, check the video below for a solution. Pretty Litter Boxes?Pretty Litter Boxes15 Coolest Litter Boxes | 15. Hidden Litter Planter Box -