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My dog loves this food, it's also reasonable Prime cuts says it made from good stuff
I almost NEVER feed my dog anything but dry food, BUT I bought him some Alpo canned food from Sam's as a treat. 1st can, he acted a little different, back legs stiff, breathing heavily... thought, maybe because of colder weather coming on. Then, a few days later, gave him another can... threw up twice, breathing worse... took him to the vet. He walked in on his own, 2 1/2 hours later he could not use his back legs. Then sent me with him to the emergency vet, overnight two nights. They said he had "changes in his liver," his blood work was off the charts for his liver. He died the next day. Cardiac arrest. HE WAS FINE BEFORE I FED HIM THE ALPO. I am SERIOUSLY looking into a lawsuit. It was a 24 can shrink wrapped case. Alpo "prime cuts" Lamb w/ rice in gravy and beef in gravy. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!
Purina ALPO Prime Cuts Savory Beef Flavor Dog Food 14 lb
I purchased some canned Alpo prime cuts for my boxer because he loves some wet food with his dry. After 4 days of eating this he begins to have diarrhea and then last night he starts vomiting uncontrollable. He is refusing to eat and drink now. I wasn't really sure why until I started reading other consumers reports of this dog food. Needless to say I am a bit furious as to why they have not taken this off the shelves and not being able to sell this product. This has gotten me into a major outrage! I will no longer be purchasing Alpo food and I will be spreading my my word and experience with Alpo food products. I will do what I can to get this product off the shelves. Purina ALPO Prime Cuts (Savory Beef) - Dry Dog Food - 16lb ..Purina ALPO Prime Cuts Variety Pack Dog Food 12-13.2 ozBuy Purina ALPO Prime Cuts Variety Pack Dog Food 12-13.2 oz
I have three dogs and they have been eating Alpo Prime Cuts for about 3 weeks. My lab mix can hardly stand up and won't eat. My pit bull has a lump under his neck and reddened areas around his groins and lies around all day long. My elderly black lab has trouble standing. After reading the reviews on this site I will NEVER again purchase this brand of dog food.I started mixing my 12 year old dog's dry food Purina with canned wet food after he had some teeth extracted. He did fine with this combo until I mixed the dry with Alpo Prime Cuts. His symptoms started with increased thirst. Then on our walk he burrowed his nose down through the snow to eat some grass (that should have been a red flag). After leaving him home alone I came home to find my well trained dog had diarrhea on the floor. I still didn't make the connection to the Alpo. I put him on clear liquids, then on day 2 he had just the dry food and seemed much better. But I worried it was too hard for him to chew, so day 3 he had 1/2 can Alpo and 1 cup dry food. I came home to find a huge pile of vomit and two areas of diarrhea in the house. This happened within 4 hours of eating the Alpo Prime cuts. The vomit smelled extremely sour, he vomited as much food as I had given him. Now I'm worried I poisoned my poor dog.Just bought a 16 pound bag of Prime Cuts this week on Monday. Our old guy use to act like he was still a puppy until today. Yesterday he had a normal stool, today none, and has vomited 3 times. 1st time had chunks of food in it, the other 2 were almost clear. Both dogs are good eaters, but have been turning away from the food dish since Wed. morning. Tonight I'm hoping our old guy makes it through the night. He's 15 but since was bouncing around prior to being fed this food. He has mostly been laying, sleeping all day. Usually he would be over excited with his squeaky toy or to go out & feed the horses. Today: NOTHING.I started my dogs on Alpo prime cuts on Monday of last week. I had a 13 yo Dachshund and 12 yo Jack Russell. Both dogs started having really bad diarrhea on Tue and Wed. I took away the dog food and tried nursing both dogs back to health. Both has started having blood in the vomit and diarrhea on Thur morning and both dogs were extremely sick. Unfortunately my Dachshund Spike passed away Friday morning in a pool of his own blood as his body gave in to the poison that Alpo has said was safe for consumption. Please don't feed this to your pet. Too many dogs have died in the same manner and all have this food in common. Fortunately, my Jack Russell Dora has made progress but the sickness left her emaciated and without her 12 year buddy. She will recover as long as she can get over heartbreak.