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Lynn Sartin, Lynn Sartin Kennel, Granby, Mo.Dead puppy left in cage until next day.
Here at Puppy Love Kennels we strive to provide you with the finest dogs conceivable. In recent years the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has raised the standards of living conditions for dogs. As a licensed kennel of Pennsylvania you can be sure that we not only meet those standards, but, Puppy Love Kennels has taken it a step farther, building an improved kennel system and puppy pick up building. We are committed to continuing to increase the level of quality in the care we provide our four legged friends.
A dozen kennels in Pennsylvania are among the on problem puppy-breeders.
At Aquila Kennels, we always maintain our high standards to improve our bloodlines by breeding only the best of the best, We are dedicated to the betterment of the Alaskan Malamute Breed thru our Selective Breeding Techniques. We produce Sound, Well Proportioned, Sweet Tempered, Alaskan Malamutes with Quality Championship Bloodlines. Our Breeding Program is aimed at developing Alaskan Malamutes with exceptional health, longevity, temperament, and size with beautiful thick coats. As a Alaskan Malamute Breeder, we strive to produce Alaskan Malamutes with very high intelligence and puppies that are easily trainable. Our Breed Stock are our pets & companions, each very special and always remain here even after retirement. Like our Breed Stock each puppy born at the kennel has a permanent home here. Our babies are placed in exceptional homes to bring joy to many but each always, like a child, can and is welcome home. We reserve the right to keep first pick open on each litter for ourselves, if we see a puppy we feel would be a great asset for the kennel.Twenty years ago, people knew that a In order that your puppy associate his/her kennel crate with comfort, security and enjoyment, please follow these guidelines:
The health and well being of our animals are of highest priorty. Our health program consists of brushing teeth weekly, pre-natal diet care for all expecting mothers, and recieving breaks from cycles. You can rest assured that a puppy from HHK is the right choice. We hope to see you at the kennel. If, for any reason, the buyer decides this is not the puppy for their family, the buyer may bring the puppy back to Duckhill Kennels at the buyer's expense with 10 days for a full refund (minus shipping, training and veterinarian fees) or replacement puppy. Duckhill Kennels will only replace a puppy one time.
We have three different puppy kennels where the puppies are kept depending on their size and age. These kennels are both heated and air conditioned. We keep bleach pans in front of each puppy kennel, where shoes must be cleaned before entering in order to prevent bringing any bacteria or viruses into the kennel. Until the puppies are seven weeks old, only those who work with the kennel are able to go into the puppies' environment. The puppies sleep on cedar shavings, and they potty on pine shavings. The wood shavings are changed daily. They are always kept dry and at a constant temperature. Millions of dogs each year are produced in puppy mills, adding to the pet overpopulation that overwhelms the country’s animal shelters. According to the Humane Society of the United States (“HSUS”), 2-4 million dogs bred in puppy mills are sold each year to uninformed, eager consumers. See , (last visited Aug. 24, 2008). While legitimate breeders try to place desired dogs with competent homes, the prevalence of irresponsible breeders has risen in recent years with the growing demand for purebred and designer dogs. This trend is further complicated by the fact thatonly twenty-six states have laws implementing regulations on commercial kennels. Those that have licensing requirements for kennels lack in substance and enforcement. The laws of each state differ drastically from one another, giving motivated breeders room to travel between states to find the location that has the least restrictive way to make money from breeding. Normally, these state laws instruct breeders on how to legally maintain a breeding operation, including but not limited to registration fees, limits on the number of dogs (currently only in Virginia), whether or not they will be subject to inspections, and maintenance of facilities. ( for an update that describes what states have amended or adopted breeding laws since 2008). Located in Buncombe, Illinois, Miller's Kennel is a family run, licensed facility. Since we began in 1995, we have been extremely committed to persevering the standards and health of the Weimaraner breed. In the process we have been blessed to help bring into the world healthy, happy, AKC registered puppies with a wonderful temperament. Our puppies and parents enjoy exploring country living at our 30 acre farm. When they are not lounging in our home or swimming in the pool or lake, our puppies and their parents, hang out in our clean, heated, and cooled facilities where they may come and go as they please. Weimaraners are a part of our family and they are loved and socialized daily.

If you are looking for puppies for sale, or to adopt a puppy family member, we have a perfect match for you. Pick up your puppy in person at our home, or we do also ship and hand deliver puppies. Miller's Kennel is the "choice breeder" of many-MANY repeat customer families throughout the United States and particularly in the Midwest: Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas.

Because our dogs and puppies are family members first, it's our responsibility to ensure our puppies have the best possible life. We look for good homes where the puppy will be loved as a family member. No adoption is done by internet alone. We enjoy getting to know perspective families in order to help them make the best personality match. Not everyone who contacts us to adopt a puppy or adult dog will be accepted.So if you are looking for puppies for sale in Massachusetts, turn to the caring professionals at Pik-A-Pup Kennel. We have the knowledge and experience to match you with a perfect new member of your household. Don't wait any longer to add joy and energy to your life. Contact us today, and let us connect you with the puppy of your dreams.