Martingale – quick release combination collar

Herm Sprenger quick release pinch collar and how to put it on and how to fit it to your dog's neck
I bought this collar a little over a year ago, and could not be happier with the quality. We needed a quick release collar for our doggy daycare, and I wanted a classic look (not nylon!). Not only does it look great, it has held up through countless days of rough and tumble outdoor play at doggy daycare. I will say that the tan color definitely does darken with time. We just got another puppy and I plan on making a few more purchases here – going to try out the leashes next!
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My black tri-color Aussie has a showy white collar and this quick release white collar disappears when he wears it. I just throw it in the wash and give him a bath when they get dirty and voila - white collar! GDS 1 in. Quick Release E-Collar StrapQuick Release Leather Collar ID Plate Placement:Quick Release Leather Collar ID Plate Placement:
Quick Release Collar offers the same look and comfort as our model 621U, but without the hook & loop closure. Rear buckle closure. Available in our wide selection of nylons, ripstops and designer fabrics.The Quick Release Martingale Collar is a popular design for those who want the control of a Martingale Collar while utilizing the convenience of a buckle. Quick release buckle styles are perfect for busy dog owners or dogs who don’t like or spook when having things placed over their heads. These are ideal for dogs who may be left alone or in a kennel during the day. Doggie daycares & kennels often require collars be quick release collars.Quick-release dog collars as their name implies, have a buckle that releases quickly when pressure is applied allowing quick intervention should the need arise.So what is a safer option to prevent dog collar strangulation? A quick-release collar is purposely crafted in such a way as to prevent collar strangulation.A quick release collar will use a snapping buckle that you pinch on either side to release. Dog’s must wear collars in our facility for identification and emergency purposes. If you do not own a quick release collar we carry a selection of appropriate collars made by Lupine. Please visit the Boutique section of our website for more information.Do you think a quick-release, buckle collar is a good option for your dog? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.The first style of quick release designer collar is one inch wide and comes in two sizes. Medium adjusts from 11 to 17 inches and fits Whippets, Cocker Spaniels, terriers and most dogs between 18 and 45 pounds. Large adjusts from 17 to 23 inches and works well for Labs or Golden Retrievers, setters and other working and sporting breeds. This is recommended for dogs between 45 and 80 pounds. If you have a dog larger than 80 pounds, please contact me for a custom collar. Add a matching lead with trim the entire length of the lead for a coordinated look.This traditional collar is constructed of sturdy nylon webbing and has the Fastex™ black heavy duty plastic buckles. This quick release designer collar is available in a range of sizes, from the very small toy breeds to the larger sporting and working breeds. Trims are available to complement all breeds and include fun animal prints, western styles, intricate tapestries and woven jacquards. Each size fits a range of dogs and has a metal slide to adjust for a perfect fit. A D ring of either gold or silver complements the colorful trims. Hardware is attached by triple stitching for maximum strength.Pinch collar with easy-on/easy-off plus a slide loop for difficult training. A 21" chrome-plated training pinch collar designed with an easy-on/easy-off buckle. Links connect to buckle with 5/8" tubular nylon bands. When pulled, it tightens considerably more than the basic quick-release pinch collar.