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Oct 29, 2007 - I am not making fun of Rachel Ray's weight
Many people are still curious about Rachael Ray’s weight loss (the majority of which was realized between 2009 and 2010), and how it was achieved. Rachael has always had a “womanly” figure with curves, and with her weight loss, she became even more attractive and alluring. She stated that she had no idea how much weight she lost; nevertheless, she had gone down two to three dress sizes.
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There is no mention of any dietary changes for Rachael Ray’s weight loss. However it is very likely that she adopted healthier and more weight friendly eating habits. Oprah and Rachel Ray's Secret Weight Loss Tips - Ezine ArticlesKitchen Disaster! Rachael Ray Packs On 105 Pounds | Radar Onlinerachael-ray-weight-gain-expert-early-grave-pp.
I constantly get emails about Rachel Rays weight loss plan. Ultra trim 350 Forskolin.I googled her weight loss plan and this product was not mentioned. I’ve been scammed again.