Necoichi Raised Water Bowl for Cat(Cat)

Medium Messy Eater/Drinker Diner, elevated dog feeder, raised water bowl on Etsy, $115.00
Benson makes such a mess of himself and the floor when driniking, mainly because his ears get caught in the bowl. I was thinking of getting him a raised water bowl. I searched on here and there was a thread about not getting a raised food bowl because of the links to bloat. What are the implications of a raised water bowl? Is it a good idea?
Raised water bowl in a plant to prevent puddles
This particular raised cat water bowl was designed for the elderly cats. It helps them access to water more comfortably without leaning too much to mess with the intake of water. It’s manufactured using a dishwasher safe material allowing you to clean the dish properly. In case you want to make a special meal for your cat, the bowl is microwave safe and therefore you won’t have to use your other utensils in preparing the cat’s meal. The lip around this bowl is styled with a small curve which is to ensure that spillage is reduced as much as possible. You can also try using a raised water bowl.Cat1st Raised Cat Water Bowl Microwavable Dishwasher Safe Stoneware,Anit-spill Lip ** You can get more details by clicking on the image.Find raised water bowl at Target.
Concept for raised water bowl on legs. Can probably have A&R Ironworks in Atlanta fabricate a single iron piece (including legs and bowl) for install in the landscaping.Being innovative and original in my designs is what my company is all about. This raised water bowl design solves several issues: short on space, beautiful and unique design, single bowl on top as water bowl or inside bowl (which helps to control water splashing).