A couple of cute cats and dogs got to take their photo with Santa.

• Pet Photos with Santa are available for cats and dogs only. All pets must be leashed.
Monday nights through Dec. 17, pet owners can bring their cats and dogs to the Wauwatosa mall for pictures with Santa. It's proven so popular that the mall has increased the number of nights from two a few years ago to five this year. Owners patiently wait in line with their leashed charges and choose from the same photo packages offered to parents with children.
Magic dogs and an elf team up with two children to rescue Santa who has lost his memory.
The Santa Fe animal shelter is committed to our local and regional community. In an attempt to reach people who may find it difficult to get to our Shelter campus we bring our animals into the community as often as possible. We maintain a several weeks in advance and encourage people to come meet our dogs outside of the shelter. We also participate in statewide adoption events that appear on the calendar. If you like the idea of seeing our animals in the community, call our offsite coordinator at 983-4309 ext. 1231 about opportunities to volunteer and help bring more of our animals out and about. Magic dogs and an elf team up with two children to rescue Santa who has lost his memory.Operation Santa Paws is part of the Long Beach, Calif.-based Haute Dogs organization andLuke, a dog who was previously adopted from Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, visits with friends during the breakfast with Santa.
The Animal Services Section of the Santa Ana Police Department handles all calls for service regarding barking dogs, stray animals, and dead animals.If you think about it, dogs are a lot like kids. They're cute, they're energetic, and they to make mischief when they think we aren't looking. And even when it comes to meeting new people — especially Santa Claus — they tend to react in the same ways, whether they're bubbling with excitement or itching to run away as fast as they can. Bring your pets on by for photos with Santa on Wag Your Tail Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Photos are $6 each. Dogs and cats only, please! We will also be accepting donations for local shelters during this time. See the schedule below.When taking your dog for Santa photos be careful and observant. The white beard and funny red hat can be scary to many dogs. Unless you or Santa are savvy at reading dog body language, your dog may be put into a position where he feels backed into a corner, and may strike out with his only defense, his teeth.*Pet Photos with Santa are available for cats and dogs only. All pets must be leashed.
*If your pet needs 'to go' please excuse yourself from the line and exit the store immediately. A volunteer will hold your place in line while you care for your pet.Santa loves to visit with his furry friends, so on Mondays, November 30, December 7 and December 14 from 5 to 8 p.m., Watters Creek is hosting Santa Paws. Pet parents can bring in cats and dogs to pose with Santa and the family. Photo packages start at $15.95. (Cats and dogs on a leash or in an appropriate carrier only, please).Nowadays people want pet pictures not just of their children with Santa but with their pets as well. Many people consider their dogs and cats as cherished members of the family. Because of this pet pictures with Santa have become almost a fad. A number of malls, as well as stores and animal shelters are now offering this service to the public. Most places only allow dogs or dogs and cats to be photographed, but some places have gone so far to allow just about any species to have their picture taken with Santa. We are not sure how he feels when someone shows up with their pet cobra, alligator or skunk but it could be interesting.If you have a brand new puppy, it would be fabulous if you could introduce that kid to Santa during his socialization period by the time he’s 12 to 18 weeks old, but we all don’t get that chance. Many of us are adopting rescued dogs and have no idea what their former lives were like. So we need to educate ourselves on what to look for during picture taking time until and even after Santa’s are trained in reading body language and proper ways to approach dogs. Never stop advocating for your dog. We are their spokespeople and need to take this job very seriously.