More precisely, scents of Storm balls.

I simply spritz my scented fabric softener mixture on my tennis balls…
Neil Stremmel, research director for the United States Bowling Congress in Greendale, Wis., bowling’s regulatory body, said most bowlers don’t use the balls for scent or color, but for their performance — such as if they curve a certain way.
These sound like very good quality dryer balls. I like that theu are scented.
Here's a sampling of Storm's ball line and each ball'saccompanying scent (each model is designed to fit a bowler's styleand the lane condition): Scented wooden balls can fragrance a room or small space in a modern minimalist way.4. Dot a few scented wooden balls about in traditional potpourri to boost the fragrance.Various size Balls of Scented Beige Potpourri Balls
Storm Products has a range of scents for its upper-end bowling balls. Bowlers can choose from cinnamon, orange, amaretto and cherry, among others. But smelling good at the lanes doesn't come cheap. Storm's scented bowling balls cost between $150 and $250.These delightful scented handspun rag balls are easy and fun to make. They do not take a lot of time, money, or energy to create. You can make ragballs in all sizes and shapes. The different shapes add a new dimension to your primitive grubby collections(((not that scent is all that important))), but it does add a nice touch to the whole bowling experience! Is the core of most bowling balls absorbent! I have to admit, thatNot all of the balls Storm makes have the industry-coveted scents. Solan said eight of the 20 styles come equipped with various scents such as black cherry, strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon, cherry, peppermint and lemonade. The balls range in color and can cost up to $270 for the top-of-the-line ball. Storm's top-selling ball, the Triple X Factor, comes with a black cherry scent, but Solan said chocolate is his favorite.This is a little twist on the stress ball idea. Along with the flour, I added lavender scented bath salts to my stress balls because the scent is supposed to be stress relieving. Plus, it helped the stress balls smell nicer and less like rubber. This is especially go to do around finals time. My residents seemed to enjoy it. Gather your residents and make the stress balls together.The balls are also known to freshen up a car or locker room. The scent is injected into the 2-inch resin coating during production and can permeate when temperatures increase. No ball has ever been returned for losing its scent, which Kloempken said should last at least 10 years.But like fancy packaging on many products, Bill Chrisman, founder and CEO of Storm Products, has found that adding a scent carries a ball a lot further — in the market, that is. For the past four years, scented bowling balls have been rolling off the shelves at local and national pro shops.Several top bowlers use the fragrant balls, and nine winners of the last 20 PBA events rolled Storm's scented product down the lanes. The product has been showcased on television and newspaper articles throughout the past year, which has really created a buzz for bowling as a sport.